10 Reasons Why Being Single Doesn’t Suck

If you had your face buried in your favorite Ben And Jerry ice cream yesterday you will totally love this post! Did you feel the burning sensation in your heart and heard it breaking into pieces? Trust me, you were not alone!

It is safe to say most of us either watched a bunch of sad movies like “The Notebook or “Titanic” while we were thinking about the one that got away.

Maybe you even are eating some leftovers from your sad little romcom and have signed up to all the dating sites you can count on one hand. Don’t worry it happens every year!

But did you know that being single isn’t so bad?

Here are 10 reasons why being single doesn’t suck

You get to eat all the pizza you want!

Let’s face it being single doesn’t suck when you are a food freak like me. You don’t need to share everything you eat and that goes for takeaways to – You can eat the whole pizza without feeling guilty!

Hallelujah! Eating pizza can actually help you stay healthy, awesome new study finds:

You only have to think for one!

Being in a relationship is all about commitment and sometimes you have to sacrifice things for each other. You always have to think for two because whatever you do, will give consequences for the other half.

"You And I Are Like That Red Wall": Color Quotes from TV + Movies:

You can date who you want!

If you have been in a relationship for a few years it can be hard to think about dating other people. But one of the good perks with being single is that you don’t need to only buy one type of chocolate, you can try them all!

Season 6 episode 7: "The Post-It Always Sticks Twice":

You get all the me-time you need!

One of the most important things in a relationship is to get some me-time in the picture. And it’s not always easy when you are in a relationship. Every relationship is different but sometimes you won’t always get what you want!

Magnolia Bakery - New York - Sex and the City - Delicious:

You can cry in peace without being questioned!

One of the things men doesn’t understand about us women is that crying isn’t a bad thing. We cry when we are happy, we cry when we are sad and we cry when we are overwhelmed. Crying is one of the special things about women and it makes us to who we are – emotional sobbing creatures. While you are in a relationship you will aways get the same question “what’s wrong?” – Nothing is wrong I am just an emotional hormonal mess and can’t get over that Simba lost his dad!

me - everyday! Carrie Sex and the city #satc:

You don’t always need to dress up!

One of the greatest things about being single is that you can wear whatever you want because you are not going anywhere romantic or have any plans with the girls. We can all agree that taking off our bras and jump in PJ’s is the best thing after a long day.

So, I sat there and had a glass . . . | Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City:

It’s okay to forget your table manners!

This one goes for all of us. Nothing is worse than wanting to stuff our faces in bad take away food and then have to impress a guy at the same time, reminding us that we still have manners. When I eat, I EAT!

You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant!

Ahhh… this one is a struggle in a relationship. Not every prevention is hundred percent babyproofed and nothing is more a pain in the ass then going and worry about getting pregnant. Unless you are planning for a baby, there’s always that 10 percent chance that it might happen.

carrie <3:

You can be logged off the internet without making them worry!

We all recognize that feeling when the boyfriend doesn’t pick up the phone or respond to a text we sent 5 hours ago. We forget that a guy has a life outside the relationship and we get worried and anxious that something might have happened. It is the same way around and we don’t understand the situation until it bites us in the ass. Sometimes logging off the internet isn’t a crime and it’s actually nice having a zen moment without 15 missed calls.

What to Do When You Can’t Freaking Sleep | StyleCaster:

You get the whole bed to yourself!

If you have been in a relationship you know all about what happens in the bedroom – Not that! One of the worst things in a relationship is sharing your bed with a man, especially if he takes over the whole bed, including your side and is snoring on top of it! After all, we need our beauty sleep am I right?

Sorry to have to break it to you, but these are all so real.:

You get to choose what to see on Netflix!

When you are single you never need to argue over Netflix (unless you have the same taste in films) or end up seeing the movie he wants because you can’t come to an agreement. You get to choose whatever movie or tv show you want to see without going on each other nerves!

I hope you found this post enjoyable and that is made your heart heal a little! Cheers to a Crappy Valentines Day!

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