11 Great Ways To Improve Your Productivity Game And Achieve Success

Coming from someone that struggles massively with staying focused and motivated, I’m going to put it out there and say, you’re not alone. Personally, it’s taken me a very long time to understand what works and what doesn’t. Quite often what you want to work never does. For example, I wish I was most productive in bed with a movie on in the background surrounded by pizza and for a while I tried to convince myself that I was. But thank god I’ve lost that battle with myself now. So here’s a list of a few things that actually have worked for me and hopefully will for you as well!

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Main Goals

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. What ever you want to achieve, write it down, stick to it, and work on it. A goal is just a dream with a date tagged on the end, so keep that dream in sight and focus!

My tip – Create a ‘Dream Board’. A collection of images, quotes and anything else you want to achieve in the future. Look at it every day as it gives daily actions an outcome and purpose to working towards.

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Work On YOU

Whatever you are trying to achieve, it consists of 20% skill and 80% mindset, so make sure you are feeling positive and that your skills are polished. This can be done by simply reading or watching YouTube videos on the area you’re trying to work on. Though improvements aren’t instant, investing time in yourself is so powerful and will have a massive effect on productivity and success.

My tip – Listen to inspirational speakers like Tony Robbins, after even ten minutes you will be pumped up and ready to kick some serious butt.


Visualize your goals

Every morning, spend a few minutes with your eyes closed visualizing exactly how you want the day to go. Picture yourself working hard, avoiding procrastination and ticking things off your checklist. It sounds silly but it works!

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Stay On Top Of Things

Keep a diary, a schedule and a checklist to keep you in check and on target. The night before, ensure your diary is full of tasks for the next day. Write down what you’re going to do and what time you’re going to do it and check them off as you go the next day. Clear your mind and have it all down on paper, that way you have little to distract you and it’s a lot harder to put off tasks. They say it takes 3 weeks to create a habit, so get a routine and stick to it.

Tip – Keep a bullet journal. A creative way to keep track of your daily life, different tasks and goals. I use mine to schedule my days and to free my mind from anything that could get in the way.

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Find Your Sweet Spot

Whether it is a place in your home or at Starbucks down the road from you, find a place you are most focused and away from distraction. If you have a place you associate with work, when you sit with your task in front of you, your productivity will flow better. Don’t be the person that works from their bed or in front of the TV, unless your 100% certain it works for you.

Tip – Also remember to create a place for relaxation. When you merge your work and relaxing place that’s when the productivity starts to slip, you start procrastinating, and make excuses.

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Tidy Workplace, Tidy Mind

When everything around you is organized and clear, your mind will also be. Don’t let daily mess get on top of you, as each day you do, that’s another thing on your checklist to sort out.

You Are What You Eat

It has been proven, that those who eat well perform better at work, and this is something you can bring into anything you are trying to achieve. This also goes along with drinking a lot of water and exercising regularly.

Tip – Organise a meal plan and prepare your lunches in advance, this will help you keep away from the easy, fast and usually bad food habit.

Groovy baby

Some killer tunes are always essential to keep your mood uplifted and energy levels high, it goes without saying really. My personal favorite – ‘Independent ladies’ on Spotify. Try not to get into it too much though, save the karaoke for the shower. If you need an extra boost. Swap the music for a motivational podcast, or affirmations.

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Whenever your feeling lazy or your mind starts to wonder, use the 5-second count down rule. Count down from 5, and when you finish you must do whatever you have been putting off, no buts.

Frankie Says Relax

It’s important to always factor in some down time, schedule 10 minutes off for every 50 minutes on. Turn off the tech, get a snack, do a quick 2 minutes work out to get the energy levels up or simply relax. You’ve earned it.


Put Your Phone On Flight Mode

Phones theses days are filled with thousands of ways to procrastinate and get distracted. What might be an innocent two-minute check on Facebook could easily turn into a four-hour session of cat videos if you don’t restrict yourself. Want a simple solution? Turn it off. Or at least adjust your notification settings. Even put it on flight mode!

Tip – If you can’t handle turning off your phone, download a procrastination app. My favorite is ‘Forest’. It lets you plant an imaginary tree, and if you aren’t distracted it will add it to your forest. And if you can’t resist temptation? It’ll die. Don’t let it die.

Now go conquer the world.

What are your tips to improve your productivity?

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