16 Tips That Will Motivate You In Gym

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Hope you had a good weekend and are having a fresh start on the new week. Since it is a new year, I want to talk about the most common new year’s resolution, the gym! Have you just decided to jump on the wagon, but don’t feel motivated enough? I have a few tips that might help you change your lifestyle.

A year ago I had never been to a gym before, and I didn’t know why people were going to the gym. I couldn’t possibly think that going to the gym could be fun. Today, 11 months later I have broken the code. It sounds hard, it sounds tough, and it is but, in the end, it’s so worth it.

I don’t have the body I am dreaming of, but I feel so much happier in my own skin. I feel fantastic and have so much more energy. Going to the gym releases endorphin that makes you happy, yes 1-hour running can actually give you energy for the whole day.

So what is the secret? How do you stay motivated in the gym? 

  1. Wear comfortable and colorful sportswear and good shoes to do exercise in. I have many pairs of Nike’s, but it wasn’t after I got my first running shoes that I could notice a difference. I find that wearing fresh colors helps on the motivation.
  2. Make a good cardio playlist! Whether it is on Spotify or Itunes, finding music that makes you feel good is the key to motivation. I have always music on the ears when I am running!
  3. Don’t give up just because it is getting hard! Exercise is meant to be tough,what is the point of doing exercise if it’s easy? you will feel so much better when you have completed your workout goals. Never give up!
  4. Always bring a good bottle with water. You will get very dehydrated throughout a work out so I recommend to always have water with you.
  5. Make green tea and take it with you to the gym! This is something I have done for a few months, and green tea really helps on the energy for the gym. I always feel so quick and motivated when I have my tea with me.
  6. Set yourself a monthly goal! Think about what you want to archive in the gym, is it because you want to get stronger? Maybe you want to lose some weight, and that you have an ideal weight you want to reach?
  7. Write down your progress! This is a motivation in itself, how fun wouldn’t it be to look back on the hard work you have put into your body when you have reached your goal? I track the calories I have burned every workout. I get my planners from here
  8. Remember to eat right and healthy! You become what you eat, someone once told me and it is so true. I feel so much better after having a good healthy meal, It is important to eat nutritious food if you want to become healthier. Eating healthy isn’t just about eating greens, but food that gives your body the vitamins it needs. Vitamins you find in fish, black rice, and other food that contains fibers.
  9.  Make a good healthy smoothie before the gym! I recommend drinking a fresh and healthy smoothie before the gym. That way you get the vitamins you need. Take some frozen berries, vitamin pills, and cereal and mix it together. Perfect treat before the gym!
  10. Read the ingredients on the back of the products before you buy them! This is very important, as some products contain so much sugar and fat that you wouldn’t believe it, and will only make you go up in weight again. Even if the package might look healthy and green I always recommend reading the ingredients.
  11. Make food from scratch! Nothing is better than making the food yourself, that way you can also control the amount of sugar and fat in the meal.
  12. Have a cheating day once in a while! It is also important to reward yourself for all the hard work you have put in your work outs. This way you will feel more motivated, and don’t feel that you are being too hard on yourself. Find healthy and delicious desserts you can try that won’t make you go up in weight. Treat yourself every Sunday for example!
  13. Find motivation in a gym partner! In the beginning, I didn’t know how to do different things, so I got help from my boyfriend. It is always much more fun doing exercises with someone that can motivate you!
  14. Take pictures of your progress! Something I have done to motivate myself is to take photos of the results, and it made me feel better about myself. Is when you can see results the fun begins! You don’t need to post it so everyone can see, keep the progress to yourself or show your friends. Getting compliments also help with confidence.
  15. Follow Instagram accounts! I find motivation and inspiration in fitness accounts and other accounts that are focusing on eating healthy and getting fit. Learn from the professionals and write down exercises you want to do in the gym!
  16. Remember to have fun! Find exercises that are fun to do, don’t do something you don’t like. The more fun it is, the more motivated you become.

These were my motivation tips for the gym, I hope it motivated and inspired you to keep going! 🙂

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