5 Must-Try Tips That Help To Dry Your Hair Naturally

We all been there and for some of us, it is a struggle and a pain in the arse. Blasting your hair with a hairdryer is the last thing you feel like doing when the sun is shining and you’re eager to get outdoors. Most of us are traveling this summer and are feeling the heat beginning to creep up. When it comes to styling your hair, it makes sense to not take up most of your plans. Leaving your hair naturally too dry saves time, money, and energy, but how do you make sure your hair dry and looks as amazing as a blow-dry, rather than an out of place mess? The best advice for leaving your hotel with damp hair, without being that person walking around the city with a wet patch on the back of your shirt.

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1. Adapt Your Hair Cut

Adapt your hair cut to suit the summer months, this way when the sun comes out to play, you are less likely to spend ages with heat-styling. The cut is defiantly key. A larger cut with more of an undone feel to it, if your hair is longer it’s less likely to adopt that horrid frizz caused by humidity, as the length weighs it down.

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2. Towel Dry Your Hair

Towel drying the hair is the first step once you get out of the shower-and though it may sound obvious, taking a few minutes out of your life to do it properly, your hair will look much better for the long run.

Try to get most of the water out- that way it will be dry by the time you get to your proper destination, plus it adds more volume. Towel-drying tends to make the hair knottier, so make sure you comb through the hair very gently to get a smoother appearance.

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3. Avoid Using Too Many Products

It is important to work with the natural texture of the hair. With air-drying, a little bit of product is important to stop it from going fluffy. Most hair has a natural wave to it so it is best to go for a well-rounded shampoo. This way your hair maintains its natural moisture while still obtaining the benefits of clean hair overall.

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4. Try A Curling Cream

Even if your hair isn’t very curly or tends to never have a wave, a curling cream is a very good option. These products are designed for air drying, where’s a lot of other styling products are heat-activated.

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5. Using Oil Is Your Best Choice

If your hair is fine or straight, skip the styling products in favor of a little oil at the hair ends to help it look more nourished and healthy.

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Ultimately, leaving your hair alone and not over powering it, is the best way to get a natural style.

How are you styling your hair this summer?

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