5 reasons why people that smile more are the happiest

Did you know that by smiling you can trick your mind to believe that you are happy? This is according to researchers, so remember to smile a lot even when you are having a bad day. A smile can make you feel better, just like that!

Below I will reveal 5 reasons why people that smile are the happiest people.

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  1. People that often smile get more positive reactions and everyone around them get positively influenced by your smile. It is very strange if you think about it, just by doing something so simple with your mouth you can change another person’s day. That’s even a bigger reason why you should smile more!

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2. Guys get more attracted to girls that smile. Yes, this is actually true! If you wonder why the guy you like hasn’t got in touch yet, this might be the reason! A smiling girl tells other men that they are confident and happy. Would you walk over to a guy if he was just sitting across the cafe with a boring and plain look on his face? I doubt it!

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3. Smiling make you feel more satisfied and relaxed in your own skin. It gives you a comforting feeling of gratitude and helps to appreciate more in your everyday life. It is the same feeling you get when someone smile to you when you take the underground, or the bus. Smiling also makes you more positive!

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4. Not everyone has that Colgate smile, but white teeth aren’t what people always notice with a smile. Put on your favourite lipstick and work your best autumn look. Using a strong lipstick takes the focus away from your teeth, plus it always looks good with some colour on the lips! Especially now when it’s winter and cold outside.

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5. Still waiting to hear back from the last job interview you recently had? Or maybe you are uploading some photos to your resume? According to a study, smiling can actually help your career. This is because a smile is showing confidence and can actually get you hired! This is a super tip before showing up to an interview, smile for all you got!

Next time you take a selfie, remember to smile!

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