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Hi Beauties! 

I hope you are well this evening, and are looking forward to the weekend. Me and my boyfriend are going to the shard tomorrow since we been together half year, and I am shaking of excitement and also because I am terrified of heights. Yikes! But I heard that is wonderful up there, and I can see over London city.

Anyways, I was drinking a cup of coffee and I got an idea what my next topic on my oh so beauty blog would be, and I wanted to start off guiding new upstarted bloggers and blog youngsters that are planning to start a blog. We all been there, it started with our own websites with sparkly glitter and a big welcome text at the front page. You could share your secrets with all your friends by writing in a secret password. Those were the times. Blogging, or mostly writing have always been big and it’s no surprise that is even bigger today. But what is blogging really about? How do you get a good enough blog?



Would you like an unique blog that gives a good and an interesting first impression? or a blog that most people have seen before? Think about the first impression of your blog, try to find a design or come up with a catchy but good blog name that will leave everyone thinking “wow”.

I have seen so many blogs that have such beautiful and classy designs but have simple texts and no pictures. For me it’s too plain and simple. Try to think of it as your blog is a description of yourself, of how you dress, and how you are as a person. Many people believe that a blog is just a blog, but to me a blog is more personal and it’s something that will define you. If you want the blog to represent a brand, you need to think about this one. What are you trying to sell here, and why should people read your blog when it’s million other blogs out there that looks just the same.


That’s really all I can say, to have a successful blog and a blog people would wanna read you need to have good content. You need to find a relevant topic, and it can be anything really. But, people won’t read your blog everyday if it’s only about what you eat. It’s bloody boring. It’s all about engagement and if the readers would find it entertaining, helpful or inspiring. Ask yourself that question, would you read what your blogging about?

Starting a blog is very easy, all you need to do is just to find a name for your blog and find a design that goes good in hand with it. But, if you don’t have any pictures or texts that make sense for what you are writing about, people will click “next”. You need to give your readers something that they would want to show interest in, and then you get comments and it’s when the comments roll in the fun begins. I just love to receive comments, and it really helps on the motivation.


Well, this one is pretty obvious. To get a successful blog you also need followers, and engage in building up your traffic. Though I have been blogging for 8 years, and just started on WordPress after being on another platform, I haven’t really done this until the past few months. Because, let’s be honest there is no fun blogging when no one is reading it. It wasn’t after I got introduced to this brilliant comment system, where you a leave a comment on someones blog and then you receive a comment back. What I like about this system is that it’s very fair and not only do you receive response back, you also gain followers. I always follow my readers back either through Instagram, twitter or bloglovin. After I started to use bloglovin I gained followers every day and I became a part of this blog follower system that brought me closer to other bloggers. I love it, and I use it everyday, I also downloaded this app for it that is so easy to use and I always get updated when I get new followers and other notifications. You should do the same, if you haven’t already.


I also recommend to find forums, and other Facebook groups where you can share your new blog posts, get more followers on bloglovin/facebook and gain more traffic to your blog. I started using a facebook group called UK BLOGGERS, this is only for bloggers within United Kingdom, but I am sure that if you look for a group within your region you will find one.



This one is very important, writing down your blog goals each month and your blog statistic to keep you more motivated and engaged in your blog. It is also very good to plan what you want to write about on a daily basis, this will also help you keep your readers interested. I use my blog schedule that I printed out from online, you find a lot of blog schedules and other blog related things on Etsy for example.


To make it easier for me to plan I have used different colors for each category. So for example, pink for scheduling a post, blue for general blog posts and dark pink for reviews. This is one of the ways you can write in your planner.


Oh, I love having giveaways! Who wouldn’t want to attend one? Having giveaways is also a good way of keeping your readers interested. It is also a nice way of giving back to your readers, and it doesn’t need to be an expensive one. I recommend to give away makeup, or other cosmetic products. Something that you know your readers would love to win. I have been having 3 giveaways recently, and nothing is more fun than making my readers day. Using raffle-copter in your giveaways will help you gain more followers and it does make it easier for your readers to attend the giveaways.

If you get a successful blog you can also earn revenue through advertisement. I have been doing it for years and it gives a little bonus for all your hard work you put into your blog.

I hope these little blog tips help you on your new blog journey, and remember just be yourself and create a blog that is representing you as a person, or your style. Don’t start a blog that is based on something you are not, be real and be you.

Let me know what you think of my tips! If you want to follow me on bloglovin you can do it here, I will follow you back.

Wish you a wonderful Thursday xx

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