How were Brand And Beauty created?

One evening after playing with the idea of creating a blog that is focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, became a reality. She later gained a big passion for writing and it quickly became a big hobby for her. Later it became a brand and today it is a part time job which she is very proud of.

Brand And Beauty is a platform for everyone that is interested in reading articles about the latest beauty tricks to the newest fashion and trends. This platform is meant to inspire, encourage and motivate you in your daily life. Whether you want tips with the latest makeup products to try or need some confidence boost.

Who are the writers?

The articles on Brand And Beauty is written by weekly contributors that are from the UK, US, and Scandinavia. You can read more about the bloggers here

Who are the readers?

There is good engagement on the blog and brand and Beauty’s readers are from 18-36 years of age. I feel like my readers have become like my friends and they are always commenting and supporting my content. I like to say I have the best readers in the world!

Who is the founder?

The founder is Cecilia, a 24-year old fashion and beauty enthusiast from Norway that created this blog as a go-to place for inspiration when she moved to London.

Today Brand And Beauty has 20,000 monthly page views and continue to grow. Want to collaborate? Send me an email to