Balancing Comfort and Style in Sportswear This Season

Whether you hit the gym on the regular or go on night jogging sessions with friends, it’s always important to feel comfortable when taking up a sport or an exercise routine.

For sure, your choice of apparel can impact your performance. So, it makes sense to choose clothes and other gear that provides good protection and even better, efficiency.

But aside from getting the best sporting experience, you still need to look just as good and stylish while you are breaking a sweat. For many athletes as well as sports enthusiasts, finding clothes that offer a good balance between style and comfort is a must. It’s only a matter of making the right choice from the get go.

Let’s look at some style tips we can apply to each sport.


Cycling has always been a fashionable sport, so looking good on a bike shouldn’t be that hard. Still, you will need to take extra time to choose the right shirt and pants that fit you best. For good measure, aim for breathable fabrics that allow for added mobility. Buying a cycling shirt that limits the movement of your arms is bad practice. And although black has always been a fashionable color for some cyclists, you can still pick white with blue graphics for a cleaner presentation on two wheels. You can find such designs by visiting for a whole collection of trendy and comfortable cycling gear.


Are you into shooting hoops? Whether you are an athlete or just a casual player, it is still important to select the right basketball gear. One thing’s for sure, you will be giving your all in terms of scoring the most points or the most assists, – and it’s still possible to look good when doing all these things. For starters, select a jersey that’s lightweight. This will improve your game and enables to look your freshest at the end of the fourth quarter. You can complete your gear by wearing white or black knee-high socks and wristbands.


Tennis is also a high impact sport where a lot of movement is involved. With that being said, you will definitely end up looking frazzled after every – well, not in the same way as Maria Sharapova or the Williams sisters. It all boils down to the choice of what you are wearing that offsets the appearance of being exhausted. So, when it comes to choosing the best tennis apparel, sleeveless shirts are the order of the day. Aside from these, you can also get a wrap-style skirt. Not only does it improve mobility, but it also accentuates the shine of your legs.


Close-up of a woman floating on her back in azure water

If hitting the swimming pool is a part of your Sunday routine, then make sure to dive in wearing the right gear. For goggles, you can just pick transparent ones that snuggly fits the bridge of your nose. For your swimming costume, always opt for tight fabrics that works around your figure. Plain designs are good, but you can also wear bright warm colors like red or pink, although navy blue seems to be a far better choice.

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