Tropical Style Summer – How To Dress “Fetch” on Holiday

Written for Farfetch’s  competition

If you like scrolling down your instagram feed and falling in love with outfit after outfit, then you will love Farfetch. I have been following them for months and they always post something that inspires me to check out the hottest and the latest from their newest collections.

I got inspired to write this post using ideas from Farfetch’s content pack to participate in their competition to win a fantastic price!

Ferfetch is a brilliant fashion online retail store that gives you an insight into all the newest and oldest favourite fashion designers like Isabel Marant, Balmain and Saint Laurent just to name a few. Farfetch is the online shopping mall you would want to go to, whether you need a new dress for an exclusive event or just want to treat yourself with something luxurious.

It is no secret that online shopping takes less time and you can do it in the comfort of your home. Today you can order your brand new wardrobe in seconds, choosing from over 400 different boutiques under one address.

How Fetch is that?

You can also treat yourself to something nice from sale selections, where you can choose between well known and beloved brands like Chloè, Moschino, Stella McCartney and other top designer brands. Shopping on sale is a clever way to get something expensive without spending a fortune. When buying something from a top brand I know it will last a lifetime. It is better to spend £100+ on something you know will last in your wardrobe, than spending £20 on something that will live for no longer than a few months. I think it is important to look at shopping as an investment, the more you spend the better the quality.

There are so many ways you can style your outfits whether you’re planning on going away to the Maldives or just a City break with the girls, Farfetch has endless choice and I promise that you will find something you like.

Tropical Vibes For The Summer

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One of the biggest trends this summer is tropical prints like palm trees, beaches, pineapples, lemons, Hawaiian flowers on t-shirts, tops, skirts, dresses etc. The fresh and summery colours will spice up any ordinary outfit and give you the ultimate summer look for the season. I have gathered together my favourite styles from Farfetch that I would love to match with the trend and wear for holiday.


The Evening City Look For Paris

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If I was going away to Paris this is the outfit I would wear for a romantic evening. The yellow bag from Dolce And Gabbana is classy and matches the skirt in lemon print. To bring a sophisticated look to my outfit I would wear this blazer from Saint Laurent matched with accessories like the analog watch and Cèline sunglasses. I would top the outfit with the red lipstick from “Lipstick Queen”. This is a perfect evening look for a date with Mr. Right or cocktails with the girls.

The Everyday Look For Shopping in Barcelona

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If I was going for a city break to Barcelona I would wear this outfit when walking around the city and looking in boutiques. It’s the perfect outfit for shopping with the girls or for a late brunch. I chose a very basic outfit and went for a bag in a more playful colour. The bag has a very fresh green colour that makes any outfit look more interesting and matches the Cèline sunnies.

The Perfect Look For The Beach In Maldives

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If I were going for a relaxing holiday to the Maldives I would wear this outfit for walking along the beach and tanning in the sun. I would wear light denim shorts and a lemon print bikini top matched with this bag from Philip Lim and Cèline sunglasses. For makeup I would only use a waterproof mascara and nothing else. To get extra glow I would use this tanning lotion from Terry.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspired you to check out Farfetch and that you find something to wear for your next holiday!

Have you shopped at Farfetch before? When and where is your next holiday?

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    Well, I think it’s happening! I’m off to the Mediterranean (brags) in four weeks and I’m re-doing my whole wardrobe for it, so excited! will be checking them out this afternoon! 🙂

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