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Beauty Boxes have always been a big favourite of mine and I have been a subscriber of Glossybox for nearly a year, but after a while I decided to try something new. I recently discovered Latest In Beauty, which is a company that sells themed beauty boxes within hair, skincare and makeup. Since I wasn’t sure about which box to click home I wanted to build my own, choosing from their selections of products for bath, body and face.

I decided to go for a box with 9 products that I hand picked myself for a wopping price of £16.99. The products I ended up with was worth £54 in total so I thought it was a good bargain!

The prices depends on how many products you want tailored in your beauty box. I think it is important to read the reviews of the products before choosing them, especially if you have sensitive skin like me and don’t want to end up with products you won’t have need for. Saves both time and money in my opinion!

Which products did I go for?

IMG_0086I used up to 20 minutes for deciding what to put in my beauty box. I based my decisions on reviews and if it would be useful. I am going away in 2 days so I wanted things I can take with me on holiday!

I have rated the products I have tried from 1-6 to give you an idea of which products I recommend!

IMG_0087One of the things that they didn’t have anymore was Voluspa candle samples that unfortunately was sold out. But if you are quick to sign up for a beauty box you might get your hands on one before it’s gone again!

IMG_0131SHAY & BLUE – These perfume samples smells so amazing, it has a very fresh scent of blood orange, perfect to have in the bag whenever you feel for a dash of summer. I think I might go for a bigger version when it’s empty! I decided to go for to because I had read good reviews about the perfume.

Rate: 4 (Nice fresh scent, sometimes too strong if not careful of how many sprays and perfect as bagitem)

Build your own box from £8.99

IMG_0116Balance Me Radiance Face Mask – This product had so many good reviews that I coudn’t resist popping it into my box. I am a fan of anything for the face and this were perfect for sensitive skin. It is safe to say that this has become my favourite product to use before bed! I apply it to cleansed face, leave it on for a few minutes and then gently wash it off with water perfect to remove the last bits of makeup and essesive oils.

I have always heard so much good about the Balance Me products from previous bloggers and it is safe to say that this product is truly amazing! I will definetely buy the normal size when this one goes empty! You can buy the normal size here

Rate: 5+  (Natural, suitable for sensitive skin and good value for money)


CAUDALIE Huile Divine Oil – This oil is the best oil I have ever tried! It is the perfect face product for giving that extra glow and radiance. I apply a little on my hand and then use a brush to swoop over my makeup to give me a shiny and glowy complexion. The product also work wonders on body and hair. The oil does smell amazing and I am so satisfied with this product! You can get the normal size here

Rate: 6 (Smells amazing, can be used for body, face and hair. Not too sticky)


COLAB Dry Shampoo – I am always in need for some dry shampoo, especially for travels and when I am out and about. Nothing is worse than getting grubby hair, which you can get when being exposed to the sun or if you touch your hair a lot. I have been using Batiste for many years, so decided to try this one! I think the product makes the hair smell very nice and makes it look like it has been recently washed. The dry shampoo is the perfect bag item and looks good to any setting. I highly recommend this product!

Rate: 5 (Perfect bag item, gives volume and smells fantastic)


MAULI Himalayan Healing Salts – Since I coudn’t choose Voluspa I decided to go for Himalayan Healing Salts, which is meant to exfoliate the body. Apply to running water and immerse yourself for 15-20 minutes, allowing the healing elements time to absorb. Do not rinse off after bathing but simply wrap yourself in a towel, drink plenty of water to rehydrate. This treat is amazing and makes your body fully relax while it get cleansed from all dead skin and oils. Perfect for home spa to give you that extra luxurious feeling!

Rate: 5+


Of all the products I chose in the box, these 3 ended up as my favourite! The other products I haven’t had time to try yet, but I am very happy with the products and quality from Latest In Beauty. I will definetely build another box when they get in more treats!

If you love the idea of building your own beauty box I truly recommend to give it a try! If you haven’t subscribed to any beauty box yet and would like to see the different options I think Latest In Beauty is a good place to start! You don’t need to sign up to anything, just pick and mix your favourites and pay once.

Have You Tried Latest In Beauty Before? What Is Your Favourite Beauty Box?

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  • LaaLaa

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    I love beauty boxes! I recenty joined birchbox but then got bored, so this may be my next sign up because I love the fact you can build it yourself! x

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