5 Career Paths in The Beauty Industry You Should Consider

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In the beauty industry there are many different kinds of career paths that are not always thought of as being directly correlated to the beauty field. Working in beauty does not necessarily mean one is meant to only deal with customers in beauty shops, but rather also participating in the behind the scenes offices that manage and create the products that make this immense industry. Of course, having a general direction of where to start, where to look, and what to know, makes one’s job search easier to manage.

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In fact, with today’s numerous online resources, there are websites that cut the search fatigue in half. An example of such a resource in the UK would be Jobrapido, providing users with a location filter that makes finding jobs outside of the capital significantly easier. In fact, focusing on positions outside the capital also means less competition; Manchester, for instance, offers many job opportunities and a real possibility to make a break into the beauty industry.

5 Career Paths To Think About

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Graphic Designer: When dealing with beauty, it is pretty much obvious that the product’s image and design must be appealing. That said, the fact that a graphic design position can be regarded as a beauty industry career, is self-explanatory. What’s better than creating beautiful illustrations for products that advertise beauty, provided you’re a beauty lover? The graphic design path is a fun and imaginative one, so if you’re interested in actually creating beauty, this career will definitely keep you busy.

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Product Namer: Not that this career needs explaining, but stating how much fun it is doesn’t hurt. What better than coming up with names for products that will make their way around the world? Being able to come up with witty names that describe the product is not the hard part, but agreeing on the one you like the most may take some time!

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Fragrance Developer: With the Beauty industry dealing with mostly every type of product you wear, perfumes are a big part of the field. Smelling nice and having one’s own scent has long been a desire to men and women alike, so having a career that allows you to create the fragrances people associate memories and people with, is truly special.

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Beauty Blogging: Making beauty products is one thing, and writing about them is another. Starting a beauty blog where you discuss your favorite products, and recommend treatments and/or give tutorials on how to do your makeup in a specific way, is definitely a job that requires a passion for beauty. Furthermore, once you’ve asserted your knowledge in the beauty industry, bigger companies may spot your blog online, and reach out to you. Get to writing!

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Makeup Artist: One of the first jobs that comes to mind when thinking about the Beauty industry is the formidable makeup artist. Whether you’re in a beauty salon, on sets, or at parties, being able to put makeup on well is truly an art. With so many faces to paint, and projects to work on, being a makeup artist can bring you to great places.

A Makeup Artist's Guide to Bridal Beauty Contracts | Beautylish:

The Beauty industry is vast and international, and with all of the jobs it offers, finding one you’re passionate about will not take long. Being able to create is already on its own a great achievement, but when you get to do it on objects or products that have a personal effect on people, the job is much more rewarding. With so many options, what are you waiting for?

Which career path do you choose?

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  • Ashton Gibbs

    I loved this post! Although a beauty career isn’t for me, this was so interesting to read… sometimes you don’t think of all the other careers behind it. 🙂

    Ashton xx

  • Joanne Mallon

    It’s interesting, there are a lot more jobs than you might think of at first. I do think it’s hard to making a living as a beauty blogger though, unless you have a very large audience. For most people that one’s going to be more of a hobby.

  • I love all of these as job ideas, a product namer sounds like so much as well as a fragrance designer! 😀 x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Great post with some good ideas. I write about beauty products I do love trying different ones.

  • Melanie Williams

    This is a really good round up post for those wanting to break into this career field 🙂 x

  • This is a really helpful post if you want to get started in the beauty industry.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I think I would be a good product namer for sure, I see some products and think nope wrong name all the time x

  • Ickle Pickle

    Some great ideas here if you want to work in beauty. I would love to have a go at being a product namer! Kaz x

  • This is really interesting! I didn’t even think about those sort of jobs. When you hear beauty industry you just think ‘make up artist’, or atleast I do. I’m too naive!!

  • These all sound very interesting, I enjoy beauty blogging it’s a great job.