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Hi Beauties! 

How are you this Friday evening? Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

As you may know if you are following me on Facebook, I recently started to work for Chanel in Fenwick store and I have felled in love with Chanel. I think it’s a very good high end brand! Today we had 10% discount on all our products so then I decided to do some Christmas shopping and ended up with a treat for myself.

We have new Christmas collection available with all the suitable colors for winter and Christmas. I decided to try out some of the nail polishes that are from the collection.

Since I started working for them the policy is to always wear their makeup, perfume etc. I am not complaining! I love working for Chanel 🙂



The nail polish has a very classic and traditional color, perfect for these cold months. You can also style it with glitter top coat from Chanel as well, which looks very nice!

If you like the color and would love to go for it, you can grab it here for only  £18.00 or visit Chanel local store. They might not have it in stock but you can always look around in case you are lucky! 🙂

You can also buy from Selfridges online, the only thing is that you have to buy products for a certain ammount for it to be shipped for free.

Remember that it’s Black Friday this weekend, here is a list of all the quality high end brands that are on sale! The sale is valued til midnight 29/11

Let me know what you think, do you like Chanel?

My latest giveaway will end tomorrow, you still have the chance to attend here 🙂

Good Night xx

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