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How are you this Sunday? Christmas music is being played in the whole house, and we are putting up my boyfriends family’s Christmas tree. I am looking forward to spending my first British Christmas with him and his family. I have to say I like the British way of celebrating and preparing for Christmas. The only thing that is missing now is snow!

Since it’s just under 2 weeks to Christmas I was thinking to write a gift idea guide for you, if you haven’t bought all the presents yet and are looking for some inspiration.

This post is dedicated to her! Gifts that are traditional, classic and practical is always a good idea to give for Christmas, whether it’s a wife, girlfriend, your best friend, mother or mother-in-law.

I have been scrolling through all my favorite interior shops like Cox And Cox, Wayfair, Etsy, Very and many more to give you the best ideas.



These gifts are perfect for your best friends. If they are into modern classy white style and like interior and home decor for their home.

  1. A vase is the perfect gift to bright up the living room, bedroom or bathroom. You can find the plain white vase here, and the silver sparkly vase here 
  2. This nice throw is now on half price for only £60.00 (Normal price £120.00), this is always nice to give to someone. The throw is of quality and you now have the chance to get it for even less. You can find the throw here (adlink) 
  3. Lighting gifts are always a good idea! Does she have an old lamp that you know she would like to replace? These hanging lights are perfect to give her living room a trendy look. You can find the lights here 
  4. Give her a trendy picture to go with the style of her home, perfect if she likes coffee. You can get the picture here (
  5. We girls love products for the bathroom. This is the perfect gift to give to someone that you think deserves some pampering. The LA Bruket Body And Bath Collection is modern, simple but blends well in with white and classy interior. The products contain natural ingredients and are suitable for everyone. I simply love it! You can buy the whole collection here (adlink)



Not everyone are fan of the white, plain and classy. These are gifts that are perfect to give to your mum, mother-in-law or maybe an aunt?

  1. Nice and comfy cushion cover from Cox And Cox, you can find here  (adlink)
  2. Perfect lighting for the kitchen or the office, always a good idea to give to her if she likes that kind of style. You can find the hanging lights here (adlink) 
  3. The deer head is now on sale and it’s the perfect home decor gift to give to someone that like the more natural animal style. You can now get this stylish deer head hanger here for only £17.50
  4. Give her some home made vases from Etsy. Perfect to bring out traditional and natural style of her home. These are so cute, you can also get them in different words like Bath, Joy etc. You can find them here (adlink)
  5. Is she a cappuccino lover? Give her some trendy Cappuccino sets and a package of her favorite cappuccino. A gift she will love! You can find the Cappuccino Set here
  6. Give her a stylish and stunning cushion to go with her living room, perfect gift to bring out the traditional and natural style. You can find the cushion for only £12.00 here (adlink)
  7. Give her a traditional and stylish alarm clock to go with her coffee in the morning. What better to give then something practical and trendy? She will love it! You can get the alarm clock here 
  8. Does she like candles? Give her this Yankee Candle with coconut and vanilla scent, perfect for either her bedroom or bathroom. Give a beauty bath set with it, so she can have a full spa day. You can find the candle here 

I hope you like these gift ideas, and that my choices inspires you. I will write a new post later about what you can give to him 🙂

Have you bought all the presents this year? What do you think of these gifts? Remember to subscribe to my newsletter below!

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