COSMEDIX Skin Products – 21 Days Challenge Review

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Hi Beauties! 

How are you this gloomy Thursday?

As you maybe already know I have been doing a 21 Days Skin Challenge, (you can read more about it here) where I got 3 facial treatments + COSMEDIX products to take home and use day and night. I am now done with my last facials and used up most of the products, and I gotta say my skin has never been better!

When I had my first facial treatment, where one of the beauticians did a skin analysis on me we found out that I was suffering from Rosacea. If I have never done this I would never know about the redness under my skin. This is caused by inflammation in the body, through either eating unhealthy or using synthetic skin products that doesn’t give the skin any justice. But I have learned from using synthetic products and will never go back using them again, not as much as I used to. This caused a lot of skin redness and broke down my skin barrier.


Through my consultation with one of the beauticians at Saks, I got information about how to get my skin better by not only eat healthier, but also apply the COSMEDIX skin products on my face, and only use those products for 21 Days. That meant not use any other skin products, this had to be done so I could build up my natural skin barrier and get my old skin back.

Today I feel amazing, even without makeup. COSMEDIX is based on 100% natural ingredients, and is non greazy, cruelty free and perfect for sensitive skin. When I went for my last facial analysis the Rosacea had improved and my redness was totally gone. After looking at pictures of clients that has suffered severe Rosacea I am so grateful that I did this skin treatment before it was too late for me, and amazingly it doesn’t hurt so much using makeup and cleaning products like before.

One of the main reasons for my redness and irritation is because of use of makeup wipes that doesn’t have natural ingredients, even if they say its 100% natural it isn’t and because of that I almost ruined my skin. STAY AWAY from them, and if you are struggling to find makeup removal wipes or other products to help remove the makeup you that contain natural ingredients you can use Coconut Oil. (You can read about how much Coconut Oil can do here)

I have started using it and my skin feels more alive than using makeup wipes before bed! Try doing this for a while to see if it can help on your irritation.

Why should you do the 21 Days Skin Challenge?

– Improved skin

– Building up the skins natural barrier

– Takes away any oil, redness and infections in the skin

– Makes your skin look more brighter and healthier

– Helps on the confidence

If you wan’t to take part in the 21 Days Skin Challenge you can do that by booking at Saks Kingshill Beauty & Hair Salon. The treatment costs £200, and includes consultation, facial treatments and a kit you can take home with you. You can read about my skin consultation here

PicMonkey Collage

These are the products I have been using daily, I also received some other creams to try mix with my Vitamin A (Define, not pictured)

1. Benefit Clean – Gentle Cleanser

– This Cleanser you use every day, the BC removes any dead skin cells and makes your skin look nice and fresh. Apply a small dash to your skin and leave it on for a few seconds and rinse out. The Benefit Clean is perfect to use when you want to clean your skin from any rest of makeup

2.  Affirm – Antioxidant Firming Serum 

– This Affirm you use 1 time a day, either in the morning or before bed. I used it before bed, and it was gentle to my skin and I could easily sleep with it it, making your skin look fresh and ready in the next morning

3. Define Vitamin A (Not pictured)

– I was supposed to use Define every 3rd night but because of my sensitive skin I haven’t used it. But I received something to mix with Define so it doesn’t sting so much on my skin. I will let you know when I have started to use it. The first time I applied a small dash of the Define, and it was very unpleasant for 5 minutes after. You can meantion this at the consultation, if you should use it or not. It’s important to babystep if you are gonna use the Define.

Let me know what you think about the 21 Days Skin Challenge, I recommend everyone to give it a try!

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Wish you a wonderful Thursday xx

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  • Amy

    This is quite interesting about the redness under your skin and it being linked to diet or make up/removal products. I’ve suffered (not badly) from redness under the skin and realised once I cut certain foods out it improves. I’ve never looked after my skin so I can’t say it’s from make up removal products because I don’t use them…..maybe I should!

    • You should look after your skin more, I didn’t think about the diet thing either. It really makes such difference changing your diet xx

  • Kaye Ford

    I wish I could go through with this but I just can’t fork out £200! I can’t justify it even though I am prone to eczema and oiliness. I am glad it worked so well for you x

    • Oh I am sorry that you don’t have money enough, you could just go for the products individually if you want. I totally recommend to give it a go xx

  • Georgie

    Wow this sounds amazing and if I had a spare £200 this is definitely something I would love to go and have done. I’m so glad it has helped you out and you are seeing a difference.

    • Yes it really have helped me a lot, maybe when you get the 200 £ later you can give it a go xx

  • Leesha Starr

    Your skin looks great already. I’d love to try a skin challenge, my face is looking awful at the moment where I’ve been neglecting it.

    • Thank you Leesha, yeah you should totally do it! Let me know if you are doing it so I can read your post xx

  • Halima

    Your skin looks gorgeous! I’m actually definitely interested in purchasing these! Happy to see it worked for you <3



    • Thank you Halima, happy to see that my post was of interest. Let me know when you get on the challenge so I can read all about it xx

  • Rosana McPhee

    I need to have a skin analysis like yours. Such a useful post. Thanks for sharing R

    • I truly recommend it, hope your skin analysis goes well! xx