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Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend so far, I have been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend and his family, having barbecue and drinks. Me and Matthew also tried playing Mastermind which used to be one of my favorite games as little. Surprisingly I didn’t win, I guess I am not very good at thinking after 2 glasses of wine, hehe.

Anyways, I want to do a quick tutorial for you guys, how to draw perfect eyebrows using my little beauty secret. Though I am not an expert I definitely think it’s all about the products you are using, but It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive!


Some common mistakes we girls tend to do when we are in a rush is drawing our eyebrows way too dark, too low, too high and we give up and end up with two different eyebrows instead. If you haven’t tinted or tattooed your eyebrows yet you probably know what I mean, It’s bloody impossible to make them the same shape sometimes! I think it’s worth spending more than 5 minutes if you wan’t them to be perfect, I feel the result gets better and you don’t have to check the mirror every five seconds worrying they have fallen off your face.

After many failed attempts I decided to look for other products to see if it could help me with my problem. As I was struggling to get them in the shape I wanted.


IMG_5942The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel is truly a life saver. After looking online for good and affordable brow gel I came over this one from The Body Shop. It made a huge difference to my eyebrows, and it is now way easier to draw them after using the brow gel. You can get the gel here for only £10.00 (adlink)


IMG_5946I always use the Rimmel London eyebrow pencil when I draw the shape of my eyebrows. This one you can get everywhere they sell the brand. I think it cost £2 or £3. I fill in the tale of my eyebrows with this one, to give it a stronger look.

IMG_5905The 3rd thing I do is using a lighter eyebrow pencil (from mac, color #fling) to fill in the rest of my eyebrows. You can get the mac pencil here (Adlink) 


IMG_5928The last thing I do is taking a concealer (same color as the pencil) and apply it on my eyebrows. This is just to make my eyebrows look more defined. To finish off I apply the lightest concealer with my fingers around my eyes and brow area to make it look more natural.

IMG_5937You can find the concealer kit on Ebay

Hope you like my makeup tutorial, and if you want more makeup tips let me know in the comment field. I also have to thank you again for reaching over 600 followers on my Facebook page, and soon 350 followers on Bloglovin. This is amazing!

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