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Hello loves! So the Autumn has finally arrived and it is no secret that it is my favorite season of the year. I love when the leaves are falling off the trees and you can smell spice lattes everywhere in Starbucks. And to not mention that Halloween is just around the corner!

I find that the Autumn is a very cozy and nice time of the year. It is not too cold or too warm, the temperature is right in the middle.

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Since I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe I decided to jump on that offer from everything5pounds and clicked home two items.

I have been looking for a new cardigan and decided to go for one in a burgundy color. The cardigan is in excellent quality, considering it only cost 5 pounds!

The bag is a gifted item from Bermudaborn – click here

I love the budget-friendly concept of Everything5pounds and it is nice to find a store that gives you great quality items for less. When I first discovered the merchant I jumped straight to the conclusion, of ‘Here we go again another cheap clothing brand to rob your money”, but no. In fact, by shopping at everything5pounds you are not only saving money but you also get clothes that look expensive.

Would you believe that these shoes cost £2.50? No, neither do I! They are on sale right now and considering it is for a low price I am amazed by the quality! You can get them here 

The shoes are also very comfortable and go with most styles. Unfortunately, the ones I’ve got has sold out, but they still have some other shoes that look similar. You can find the shoe selection here 

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  • What a lovely cardigan! I adore that shade of red.

  • I haven’t heard of this website before but it sounds like a great way to save money.