“Fall” in love with this Eyeshadow palette from Primark

You can never have too many eyeshadow palettes and after I came over this palette on Primark, I had to buy it! The palette has the perfect colours for fall and it is incredibly cheap, but yet very good!

I never tend to buy cheap makeup because of my skin is very sensitive towards certain products, but I was quite surprised by this palette. It only cost £4,00 and is the perfect go-to eyeshadow to take with you! You can also get another palette with different colours. I recommend to check out their collection, I have also bought some lipliners and lipsticks from them before and they are very good!

So this proves that makeup doesn’t need to cost a fortune, in fact, some cheap products sometimes tend to be better than the expensive ones.


This “smoky” palette is perfect for smoky eyes and that metallic look for a party, or if you want a makeup look to go with your autumn outfit.

Smoky Eyeshadow Palette


How gorgeous are the shades in this palette? They have a matte touch and blends really well with each other if you use the right brush. On the other side, I never use the brushes that come with these palettes. Using a good eyeshadow brush gives you the best result!


I received a customised phone case from this awesome brand,  that I will reveal in my upcoming giveaway! Remember to pop in on Sunday to get the chance to win a customised phone case yourself! 🙂


Swatches of the palette, I have only chosen the shades I use myself. I am very happy with this palette and will definitely buy more from Primark.

I think it is good that we that can’t always afford high-end makeup can find good options on the budget. Let me know if you come over any cheap brands that are worth checking out! Hope you like my little tips for the weekend!

What Do You Think Of The Palette?

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Cecilia K


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  • This is a gorgeous and the colours are so nice! This definitely looks somewhat high end as well!
    Kathy x

  • This smoky eyeshadow looks very good for the season. Love the colours.

  • Madeeha

    I didn’t try anything form Primark makeup. But this palette looks stunning.

  • Amy Fox

    They are some lovely colours, right up my street! Very nice fro Primark!

  • I love the shades in this palette. Primark really seem to be upping their make up game recently. I too have sensitive skin, so I won’t be using any foundations or creams for there, but I’d love to try out a palette!

  • Perfect Autumn shades, absolutely. I like the fact that it’s compact too. Super handy for travel. Tx

  • theCuriousPixie

    I love all the sparkly eyeshadows out ready for the Christmas party season. Love it!

  • Wow I’ve heard so many good things lately about prinark makeup
    This looks lovely too k x

  • sarah Lea

    I haven’t seen this palette in primark, I’ll certainly look for next time. It looks and sounds amazing. The shades are all very beautiful. Thank you for sharing x x

  • Ooh this is such a gorgeous palette, I had a quick browse in the beauty section in primark at the weekend but didn’t see this! I’ll have to have another look for it! xo


  • I would never have thought that these would look so amazing! Must try, thanks for the review!