5 Helpful Haircare Tips for This Autumn

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The coming of autumn means colder months, that means dry, cold air which could bring new challenges for your hair. Once the season changes, so should your haircare routine. 

Autumn brings new problems that need to be addressed. If in the summer months, you need the protection of sun spray for your hair, you also need to look for products such as moisturizing and hair thickening products to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. You can check out some of the tips below and get ready for the autumn season.

1. Detox your hair by using clarifying shampoo 

You have probably used a plethora of products during the summer months, just to ensure that your hair is well-protected and styled to perfection. You might not be aware, but there could be a lot of product build-up in your roots, everything from rests from salt sprays to sunscreens, and even sand if you went to the beach a lot during the summer months. Detox your hair by removing all of the build up. Get a clarifying shampoo and use it once every two weeks to ensure that your hair is clean.

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2. Add more moisture to your hair care routine

You have probably heard from skin experts that during the colder weather, the skin tends to become drier and can even become itchy. The reality is that the same goes for your hair. The solution for dry skin is to moisturize it more often during the colder months, which you should do to your hair as well. Try adding a hair mask and do deep conditioning for your hair once or twice a week.

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3. Trim your hair every 8-12 weeks 

This tip is actually not just for the autumn season but for all seasons, but especially after the summer months. Too much exposure to the sun may have caused a lot of your hair to become damaged, so you want to get rid of all those split ends. Have a talk with your usual hairstylist on the kind of maintenance you need for your hair, or if you want, you may even go for a brand new hairstyle for the new season. 

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4. Refrain from always tying your hair in a ponytail

This may have been your go-to hairstyle during the hot months, but as it is getting colder, it’s better to leave your hair down instead. If you do not know yet, putting your hair in a ponytail can cause stress for your scalp and even hair damage. So give your scalp a rest and find ways to style your hair without having to put it up.


5. Limit the use of hair dryers

Your hair will already lose a lot of moisture because of the weather. If you still use hair drying tools such as hair blower or flat iron, the more your hair will dry out and that may lead to breakage. Even if your amp up on moisturizing your hair, if you keep using such tools, that extra moisture may just be useless. With the right products, you can still achieve a really nice hairstyle without having to resort to tools that could dry out your hair.

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  • john adams

    I am always looking for haircare tips for my daughters. One of the interesting issues with being a stay at home dad with daughters: I never had long hair so this is all new to me! I never knew about the ponytail thing so I shall watch out for that (although hair has to be kept up to comply with school rules). Informative post, thanks for sharing.

  • everinmay

    The ponytail tip is so good, I suffered with some stress alopecia and one way I was told help the hair get stronger again was to not tie it up as it causes damage, such a good post and you’ve reminded me to book in for a trim! xx

  • Rachel George

    My hair is almost always tied back and I do get a sore head from it sometimes. I should probably get it cut as it annoys me having it down too often.

  • Jenni Grainger

    After having Lucas I have struggled with my hair. It has changed what I can do with it and wearing it in a ponytail for long periods of time causes my hair to fall out in clumps. Going to get mine trimmed more often I think

  • Kate Williams

    I find that my hair needs a lot more conditioner in the winter, heating in the house doesn’t help it either.

  • I know you’re right but it’s so hard to stay away from the blow dryer! I will defo be adding more moisture to my routine though x

  • Jazmin Williams

    Some great tips here! So many people just shampoo and condition and that’s the end of it. Loved reading this x

  • These are really great tips. I love using a hair mask occasionally, and my hair definitely needs it in the winter!

  • Clarissa

    love these tips I have found my hair is greasy at the root and dry at the ends, this is also down to consistently Dying and having a little colour in my hair,
    I need to take some of the tips and give it a try! thank you