Home Improvement – How to Turn Your Tiny Home Into A Spacious Dream

A tiny home can sometimes feel crowded and messy. But there are actual some quick fixes you can do to make it feel more spacious. Whether you are living in a small studio or a one bedroom apartment, it all comes down to organising and the furnitures.

Though you might not be living in a big two bedroom house or have all the spaces in the world you can still find ways to turn it into your dream home.

So, what is the secret to turn a tiny home into a spacious dream?

From living in a shared house to my own studio flat I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I hope will inspire others.

Organising and storage is key

One of the main reasons for mess in our home usually comes down to the organising side of things. By keeping your home organised and tidy it will not only make you feel less stressed, but also help you see what more you can do to make it more cozy and spacious. Choose furnitures that gives you more storage opportunities, like a storage bed or a wardrobe with extra drawers or shelf space for your necessities.

It doesn’t need to cost a fortune to find a good storage opportunity for your home, and based on my own experience I find IKEA very helpful.

The classic KALLAX shelving unit is a good investment and can help bring more room in your home. Because of the way IKEA have designed most of their furnitures they are very versatile and can fit into any setting and living space. The shelving units comes in different sizes and you can also add drawers for more storage.

Relatert bilde

When I first moved into my first studio I did not have many walls to turn to and since it was an open lounge studio with separate bathroom I decided to buy a shelving unit from IKEA. To create more privacy for my “bedroom” I placed a shelf between the “sleeping” corner of the room and the “eating area” which made it feel more private whenever I had friends over for dinner. This is perfect if you dont have a lot of money and cant afford refurbishing your home or are renting.

Relatert bilde

Instead of looking straight into my bedroom, I decorated the open shelfs with books and stuff for my cooking.

Go for lighter pastel colours

So now that you now about my secret to good storage you should think about the colours that you are using in your living space. Lighter pastel colours will make your home feel more airy and open, where the colour pastel grey or blue has proved to be everyones favourite.

Yes, you can have another colour than white to make it feel and look bigger! 

You want to go for colours that reflects the light, since walls that are not exposed to daylight seem darker. Though choosing another colour than white can seem like a bold choice, it is a good colour to change the dynamic in the room.

A sofa is next to a side table with a book and decorative flowers in Kentwood.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Another decor tip that can make a room look bigger is hanging mirrors on the wall. You can hang it right in front of a window to reflect the outside world, or two mirrors opposite each other – did you know that the effect on an infinite space creates another atmosphere in the room?

You can find many good mirrors on websites like House of Fraser, John Lewis and other home bargain stores like Homesense.

Get this mirror for only £100 on House of Fraser here 

Full length mirror perfect for a small living space, here for £175

NEW Iron Window Mirror for £225 here

Swap the heavy curtains

Another good trick that creates a more airy and spacious feeling in a home is to use the windows for what they are worth. Swap out the heavy curtains you had since last winter and choose lighter fabrics.

Vermont White Lined Eyelet Curtains

I hope you found these tips helpful in any way and that it inspires you to make some changes in your home.

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