The Hottest Urban Decay Summer Palette Everyone Talks About

The wait is over – there is officially a new Urban Decay Naked Palette dropping on the market. I’ve honestly lost hope for a new Naked palette. When the last one came out (recall Naked Smoky anyone?), I had absolutely no interest in it. To me, it was as if they had exhausted all their creative ingenuity on the first three editions – but boy was I wrong. Everyone, meet the fifth rendition (and arguably most unique) of the almighty eyeshadow series: Naked Heat.

Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette, review and swatches

As suggested by its name, the palette features a host of “fiery” colors from fierce reds, scorching ambers, and toasty browns. Once again, they knock it clean out of the ballpark.

urban decay naked heat, quelques raisons de craquer ou pas

Can we please just have a moment for the packaging. I mean, it just… I’m at a loss for words.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Scorched Tutorial - This terra cotta palette is great for blue green eyes. Adding a true red matte really makes the colors pop!

Naked Heat was launched online on the Urban Decay website on the 27th July, and was in stores from the 28th. Today it retails for £39.50

Get Naked Heat here 

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  • Angela Milnes

    I like the palette and the tutorial is useful as I am no good at putting on eye shadow!