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How are you this Tuesday evening? Hope you all are having a good start on the new week! As you can see I have changed my blog design since I felt it needed some changes. I really like it now! 🙂

I write mostly about beauty, fashion and lifestyle on my blog daily and since beauty is also about how you feel inside I want to give you some tips how you can feel more confident with yourself, your body and how to achieve happiness and success.

I believe that true beauty comes from the inside, and that we all are beautiful in our own ways, whatever size, shape and body. 


It’s easy to get more happiness all you need to do is to start appreciate more of what you already have and how you are as a person. If you think you have a nice personality than be glad about it, if you look good on the hair or are proud of your body tell yourself that. If you have the world’s greatest friends or boyfriend let them know! If you think more positive thoughts about yourself and your life the better you will feel on the inside. Whatever you wan’t in life you have to get out in the world and build your confidence to get it. If you wan’t the perfect guy, the perfect friends or your dream job than you have to have a positive attitude about it, because the more you think of the negative things the things you want will slip further away from you. Thinking negatively will also make you meet more negative people and situations that influence you negatively. The key to happiness is to control your thoughts, and when you are in a hard situation you have to find a way to solve the problem. Being calm in the moment and give yourself some slack is very important, this way you don’t get stressed and you can think more clearly. Don’t beat yourself up just because you can’t find your keys.

Also to achieve happiness you need to set yourself small goals in life, this way you can build up the stairs to reach the top!



We all experience that some people we meet can affect how we feel. If you meet someone that give you an inappropriate or mean comment don’t take it personally. Sometimes people say things to get it out, and we can feel offended by it. Whether it is a stressed woman in a shop, a grumpy guy on the train or someone who yells at you at work, don’t let it affect how you feel inside. Learn to control your feelings, this way people can’t drag you down.

What people say are only words, it’s when you take them in that they start to mean something. Don’t waste your time and energies on people that only are negative and wan’t to ruin your day. Just give them a finger in silence and move on.


We girls sometimes have a tendency to think the worst when it comes to our looks, hair, body and skin and we become our own enemy. Nobody is perfect, and think of it as a cool thing that we are different. Think of how boring it would be if everyone were alike? If you wake up to a bad day then you have to try finding ways to turn it into a good day. You can start by being more relaxed about “small” problems, like that you have the worst hair day ever. Remember, everyone have those days! It might bug you that you suddenly got a huge zit on your nose the day before an important interview, but it’s not the end of the world! The more you complain, the worse it will get. The next day you will wake up with two more. Complaining only draw more of the things you don’t want, focusing on the things you want instead will help you in the right direction.



When it comes to success you have to control the way you think, always look on the bright side even if it’s dark, and remember that you create your own success. The last thought you think before you go to bed can change the whole next day. If you think “Tomorrow will probably be a bad day!” you will wake up to a bad day. How many times have you been thinking about something the day before and it has happened? You ask yourself “why is it always me?”, the reason is that you haven’t changed your ways of being and thinking and only you can change your life. You will see that when you give yourself more support and stop dragging yourself down with destructive thoughts you will achieve more in life. Always have a positive attitude about things in your life, whether it’s people around you or your career. If you are not happy with yourself and your life than it’s hard for people to be happy around you. Constantly complaining about how you look, feel and how awful your day is only push people and possibilities away.



Whether it’s home spa or a new hair cut, enjoy it! We all deserve some pampering once in a while, and I think it’s important to do something for yourself when you get the chance. I always take a bath when I am stressed or have a lot to think about. It helps me reflect over the current situation, and to get more understanding around things. We are not super humans and sometimes it’s okay to use more time on things. Don’t stress yourself out, you are allowed to take a break once in a while.

I hope you like my beauty and lifestyle tips! Let me know what you think and if it inspired you in any way 🙂 Remember to follow me on bloglovin if you haven’t already. I always follow back!

Wish you a wonderful evening xx

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