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Hi Makeup Lovers! How are you this sunday evening? 🙂

Since I started this blog I have visited other blogs for ideas and inspiration. I have written down a few tips and tricks and updated my blog schedule. If you have a blog, you might know how it is when you suddenly have no motivation at all. But, thanks to my readers I feel motivated again! YAY!

In this post I will talk about how to do everyday makeup, what kind of products I recommend to use and some other tips!


Here you see all my “basic” makeup products, I usually buy brands like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Smashbox etc. I also buy my eye shadow kits, concealer kits on Ebay.

IMG_4721I love this concealer kit, perfect to highlight areas in your face 🙂 I am going empty soon, so I have to order some new ones, but they only cost 3-5 pounds per kit. I am thinking about selling similar concealer kits in my shop when it comes up! Would that be of any interest? Let me know!


For basic makeup I use light foundation, pressed powder, lash curler, lipliner and primer!

♥ Smashbox Primer

For best coverage I use a primer before applying my foundation. This is also for your makeup to last longer, you can buy the primer here

♥ Bobbi Brown Foundation 

I love this one, perfect if you have very sensitive skin and want a foundation that last. I don’t know how many Bobbi Brown foundations I have laying around. It’s truly a good buy! You find it here 

♥ Concealer Kit 

You should always have a concealer kit available, its the perfect bag item and it’s recommended if you suddenly need a quick fix. You can use it on your lips, over your eyes, under your eyes and wherever you want. You can buy it on Ebay.

♥ Makeup Pressed Powder

I bought this one from one pound shop and you can see it’s been very useful. I have to grab a new one when I can! This powder is perfect for highlights under your eyes and also gives you good coverage after foundation. You can read about how I use it in my contouring routine here

♥ MAC Lash Curler 

Omg, this one is a truly lifesaver! If your eyes need a little push and if you want big beautiful lashes this one is number one tool. I know HM have very cheap ones, but it always either break my lashes or the black rubber thing falls off. So irritating! So I bought this one from MAC, it was absolutely worth every single penny! You can find the curler here

Lipliner from MAC 

I use this lip liner for drawing my lips a little bigger, it’s perfect if you want your lipstick to look even better on you. You find it here

♥ Lipsticks from MAC

I love all the shades and colors from MAC. For everyday makeup I use Satin and Creme sheen. For my next buy I am thinking about buying a more Drastic and Gothic color.

You can buy more lipsticks under

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  • Jessica Dearnley

    Such a lovely post. I love all your makeup especially the Avon lipstick. I bought my first Avon lipstick a few weeks ago and was shocked by how good it is! x

    • Thank you Jessica! Avon is so good, I am looking for more lipsticks from the brand. One of my favorite brands xx

  • Rachael Phillips

    I LOVE you for this post. I’m a total tomboy when it comes to make up, i never wear it!! so a little step by step is perfect XX

    • Aww thank you Rachael, glad you like my post. Hope it gives you some tips in hand! Good luck with trying again xx

  • I for prefer a natural look for everyday so i normally start with skin care routine lol yes i use routines to get my looks to be perfect.. my natural makeup looks always last for about 15mins lool im not a pro just self taught from watching youtube.. my natural looks is jus eyeliner with my brows done lil foundation and a lip gloss 🙂

  • Laura

    Love the look of that concealer kit 🙂 So handy and perfect for everything xxx

  • The primer from SmashBox is one of my all time fav’s!I’m using Benefit’s Porefessional at the moment. A close second imo. 🙂

  • Becci

    I love the smash box primer, I still haven’t found one that’s better! X

  • Hayley

    I’d love to get a concealer kit but I don’t trust the cheap ones, they’re full of nasty chemicals. I do love that Smashbox primer though

  • I usually only put on foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I will pick up some tips from your blog post x

  • Lisa

    I think I need one of these concealer sets! Been meaning to try smashbox primers they sound really good.
    I always read other blogs for motivation too!
    Love Lisa x