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It has been 7 months since I started this blog and I have learned so many things. I used to run a blog in Norway, but after I moved to UK I decided to start with blank pages, and that has been very challenging.

After I started a new blog I went from having 1,000 readers daily to only have a few hundred in the beginning. This is my first English blog, and in the beginning I didn’t understand how to get my blog name out there. After I did some research I learned how to build my social following, and how to monetize my blog.

When that is said, I do not earn enough to live on my blog, but I have earned a few pounds so I can treat myself with makeup now and then. These earnings comes from commission through my affiliate programs, and sponsored posts.

cosmetics, makeup and beauty concept - close up of makeup stuff
cosmetics, makeup and beauty concept – close up of makeup stuff


Without engagement from your readers you won’t earn any commission. I do not write a blog because of the money, but let’s face it is a bonus if you know how to monetize your blog. You can have thowsen of followers on Facebook and Twitter, but if no one is interested in what you write about, and never reads any of your posts you are not winning. The engagement is everything, and once you have learned how to keep your readers engaged in your content that is when your blog is turning into a success. 

In the beginning I didn’t earn a cent, but I was fine with it because I was only focusing on how to build my blog. It started with following a few blogs on social media, joining groups on Facebook and sign up to different blog programs. I followed blogs I liked, commented on posts I found interesting and they returned the favor. Writing a blog have taught me one thing, and that is engaging with your readers is everything. 


After a few months I contacted different brands to see if they would be interested in collaboration. I always got an email back saying they were either busy, didn’t have the budget or that my blog wasn’t in their niche. Why were they not interested?

I decided to focus more on my content, and how to write quality blog posts. I got inspired by other successful blogs and started to write in a more creative and professional way. Back then I used to spend 20 minutes on a post, now I use 1-2 hours just to make it perfect. The more time you spend on your blog the more it will shine through.

After focusing on writing quality posts, companies were standing in line to be featured. I only accepted products/services I would use myself, and have always been honest with my readers. Nothing is worse than bloggers writing reviews of products they don’t like, just because of the payment they will receive in return.

The more reviews I wrote the better I got at finding new brands to collaborate with. I knew how to test them, write informative and understanding posts and how to get my readers interested to try the product. I was honest, and showed results of the product/service to give an insight of the results. You can write very good reviews, but without any pictures no one will buy it.

How do you get companies to contact you back?  – You have to make them interested, and tell them why your blog and content suits their service/products. I always show them other posts I have done for different brands so they can see how I will featured their product. This is always a good way to engage the PR’s to invest their time with you and your blog.

Reasearch/Build a relationship with the PR’s – Are you planning to do several collaborations, than you should get to know the company/ brand and know what you are representing. Do research before you decide to work with a brand, because it isn’t always like it seems. The more research you have on hand the better relationship you will have with the companies.


The other way of earning money on your blog is through sponsored posts. It is important to let brands understand that you spend your time on writing for them, so you and the brand have to come to an agreement of what the payment should be. It can be a gifted item on their website, and it can be payment by transfer or Paypal. You decide the rate, but sometimes brands have a budget, and It is up to whether you would like to go with it or not.

When you earn money and it goes over a certain amount it is important to inform your tax attorney. I use this invoice app called “Invoice2go” to keep track on my earnings, so that I know whether I need to pay tax at the end of the tax year.


In order to earn commission you have to become an affiliate. Every brand has their own commission rate that you will get for each sale, so let’s say someone is buying a product through your link you will receive 5% commission of the retail price. I earn my commissions through Affiliate Window, it is a really good affiliate program that has private and open brands you can work with. You can sign up here (adlink)

The other program I have been with for a few months is Google Adsense. You can chose the size of banners you want, and you earn commission on every click and sales that comes from your blog. The google adsense advertise for products that are related to your search history and content on your blog. It is a brilliant affiliate program that can help you earn money in no time. You can sign up here 

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you will turn your blog into a success one day 🙂

What do you think of the post? How do you monetize your blog?

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  • Meimei

    very interesting read, I’ve never thought about making money with my blog, maybe because I don’t feel I have the time to blog along side my full time job. I wish I blogged more often, but I know what you mean when you say that you used to spend 20 minutes on a post now it;s 1-2, I tend to write up a draft and then come back to it days later.

    • I know what you mean, it was like that for me too in the beginning. It’s good to use time on your posts, I always write a few drafts to save for later 🙂 x

  • This a great post with really useful tips – thank you!

    Jemima x

  • Natalia Mikicin

    Great post! But I have a question how do you engage your readers ? And what do you do at the beginning if you want companies have interest in your blog? This post is for someone who already had some cooperation etc.. I want to get successful with my blog but I have the feeling that nobody is reading blog looks pro and nice and I have good quality photos and posts and nothing happens…Help 🙂

    • Hey Natalia! In the beginning you need to focus on building your social following and find the right following and commenting on your readers blogs/social media pages that way you will get some engagement back. You can share your blog post on Facebook groups, Reddit, twitter and try to write interesting post titles to make them want to click on it. If you want to contact companies my suggestions is to write a good speech before you contact them. Try to write it so they will be interested in your blog and tell them why they should work with you 🙂 Wish you best of luck!

  • After computer trouble recently I really need to get back to my blog work. I really like sponsored posts if I can decide what the post is on. Pretty lucky to be able to choose.

  • It’s interesting to read about your blogging journey. No beauty / fashion blogs can really sustain the editor unless they have a really massive audience, but nevertheless the incentives blogging gives you are a great reward for the hard work.
    Keep up your good work!

    • Thank you Lubka, glad you find my post interesting! 🙂

  • Well done you have come so far lovely! I definitely think you are worth more than you are charging though, for 1 K plus words I would say that a sum of 100+ is more worth your time. Just some advice! xxx

    • Thank you for your advice Ana 🙂 I have edited the price to £50.00+ x

  • Vlad

    Nice tips actually and you are right!

  • Great article with some nice tips! Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you enjoyed Saranda, you are very welcome 🙂 x

  • sheismelrose

    Great tips and your right

  • István Lipták

    You are right about quality content. Writing great articles constantly is the secret to long term success.

  • Pamela Eberle

    Looking to build up my blog as well

  • Maria Luiza

    Nice tips! Your blog is awesome, congrats!

    • Thank you Maria, I will have a look at your blog 🙂

  • Medeja Mp

    That really helped ! Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Celia, thank you for this post. It was very helpful and I will definitely follow some of your tips. Thanks for sharing! x


  • MyLifeAsAMummy

    Really helpful post! I think you could possibly up your rates though, they are a bit low. Be proud of your blog and your writing ability!

    Laura x x x

  • fashion-mommy

    it is good that you are sharing your experiences, but do think it is different for everyone ultimately.

  • Stephanie Merry

    Interesting post, I always love to hear other bloggers choose to up their blog game and monetise their blogs – thanks for sharing x

  • La French Connection

    I find this article really helpful. I’ve created my blog because I needed something else than work and I had wanted to start one for ages but felt I wouldn’t be good enough. However, I’ve enjoyed it very much and of course, making money out of it is just a bonus!
    Thanks for the useful advice,

    Mika |

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