32 Piece Set Kabuki Soft Makeup Brushes

Hey Beauties!

How are you this wonderful Thursday? I am so happy nowadays, I am smiling from ear to ear and are looking forward to all the fun things I have planned to do. Though I am not in a job atm, I am still quite happy in my own skin and with my day to day life. I never really talk about my personal life on the blog, since I find it a bit out of my comfort zone, but I try to update so you know a little about me.

I think the reasons that I am happy is because I am love, more than ever even after we had a few ups and downs, but which couples doesn’t? I think I have found the one 🙂

I am going to London today and I am so excited to see my bestie. We have planned for a office party and I have already found the dress. Who knows? I might bring my camera with me.

Anyways enough about me!

If you follow me on instagram you may have already seen the Kabuki Makuep brushes I received today, and they are just fab fab fab! I love how soft the brushes are and I’m amazed of the quality when I only paid £12.00 for the whole set!! Like, how crazy cheap isn’t that?

I never really buy much makeup and accessories from ebay because of China’s laws to animal testing, and you never know what kind of chemicals that might be in the stuff, but I took a chance this time and I am so pleased with my new set of brushes.  Thankfully the company is UK Based, so that felt much safer than if it was sent from China.

DSCN6902The brushes came in this black box, and it had some white marks outside I guess that is from the place it came from. I am not going to use the box anyways, but yeah this is a honest review!


With the brushes you also get a “leather” case to protect the brushes which is very good. The case has a funky smell, but other than that it’s perfect! (I think all brushes from ebay has that “plastic” smell)

You open it… and VOILA!


32 Piece set of Kabuki Makeup Brushes that are incredibly soft and simply amazing!


You get every brush you need in the set, eye makeup brushes, brow wiz brushes, powder brushes, foundation brushes, concealer brushes, contour and highlighting brushes etc.

You can buy the brushes here 


Here is a picture to demonstrate how incredibly soft the brushes are, it feels like silk when I touch with my fingers. That is always a key point when I am looking for new brushes, that they don’t feel harsh to my skin.

Now I have to continue packing and get ready for my train, I wish you all a fabulous Thursday! I hope you like my review post 🙂

Have you tried these makeup brushes before? What are your favorite brushes?

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  • Kelsey Christou

    omg what a bargain! They look like really nice high quality brushes too!

  • These look amazing for the price! I love buying new makeup brushes so I think I need to buy these! xo


  • Mellissa Williams

    I haven’t tried these brushes before but heard they are great. They look super soft too.

  • Gemma S

    ooh very nice, like that they come in a nice bag so you won’t misplace any x

  • These brushes look super soft!! I’ve been looking for some good brushes .. and have actually considered ordering some from eBay, so I might give these a try 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation and I hope you had a great time in London xx

    Ree xx

  • georgina davies

    Oh wow these look absolutely amazing! I love my kabuki brushes but don’t have this many haha x

  • These look and sound amazing! I love how affordable they are too x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    These brushes look great. I like seeing reviews of brush sets, it’s great they come in a brush roll too x

  • Kayleigh Baker

    These brushes look amazing – what a bargain at only £12! My puppy has a penchant for stealing make up brushes when i’m not looking so these would be really handy replacements to my now depleted collection…