Last Minute Christmas Gifts for The Modern Man

Have you been a bit disorganized with your Christmas gift-buying this year? Or perhaps just uninspired? Do you have a lovely man in your life for whom a box of socks and a funny jumper just won’t do?

It’s barely a week left! Time sure does fly, and before you know it you’ll be sitting around a table stuffing your face with Christmas pudding.

Here are some last-minute gift ideas and tips, for that modern man who deserves only the very best.

PS. You don’t have to tell anyone you found these just days before Xmas!

Offer a bit of pampering

The modern man knows he’s allowed to take care of his skin, his appearance, and his well-being. But, beyond a faithful tube of moisturizer and a high-tech razor, has he ever considered a proper pampering session?

Head to your local spa to book him a session, or even better, buy a voucher online for an afternoon in a spa or massage parlor with a treatment of his choice. Print out the voucher and slip it in a nice envelope for a surprise he didn’t know he needed! You can attach a little treat box: organic beard oil, rich hand cream for those cold winter days, a delicious smelling shampoo, an exfoliating glove to make those long showers extra soothing – you’ll find all these in your local Boots or Superdrug!

Grab him by the stomach

Why not go for a fail-proof? That’s right, like you and I, the grown man can most often be hooked by the tummy! Does he live on decadent sweet treats? Head to the store and pick up more Cadburys, M&Ms and Haribo’s than he could dream of, and present them in a box or hamper. It’s simple, yes, but trust us, this one will be remembered.

Is the man more of a discerning foodie? Time to hit the best delicatessen you can think of. Pick up fine cheese, locally made biscuits and chocolates, fancy flavored crackers, a nice jar of Himalayan pink salt, homemade liqueurs – you get the idea! You could make up a themed basket if local shops permit it: Italian specialties, unusual Asian goods, German bites…

Send him away!

Who doesn’t love traveling? Even if it’s just for a weekend on the coast or a visit to a European country, a change of air is always welcome, and makes for a very surprising gift! Your close one will appreciate the opportunity to go off to a charming countryside manor, a weekend exploring Skye or even a 4* stay in Malta!

The gift of traveling is easier and more affordable than ever, as you can bag vouchers for getaways at discount prices from sites like Groupon. You’ll also find day experiences (bowling, trampoline, supercar driving, distillery visits…) if you want to play it safe. All make great last-minute options – heck, you could even buy them for Christmas morning! Mister will never know…

There’s still time to shop online

No doubt the last thing you want to do these days is hit the high street on the last Saturday before Christmas. Imagine the chaos! Not to mention the empty shelves. Good news is, many large retailers are accepting Christmas orders until Friday 22nd, if not for delivery then at least for store pick-up.

It’s still time to order a rare gin, elegant Fossil watch, Bose headphones or Dior fragrance from the likes of John Lewis, Boots or Amazon. Debenhams are even slashing prices on Beauty just before the day, so why not grab something for yourself (we have eyes on an Urban Decay Highlighter palette)! Then, a quick pop to the shop on Friday night, or a knock from the delivery man on Saturday, and boom, you saved Christmas. 



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