Latest In Beauty Personalized Box Review

Latest In Beauty Box

If you have followed Brand And Beauty for a while you might remember my last Latest In Beauty box review that became a success and inspired you to get one for yourself!

Because of the satisfaction of the last box, I decided to order another one and show you the goodies inside.

Latest In Beauty is a subscription company that gives you the option of choosing a monthly subscription or one time trial. Depending on what type of products people want, you can handpick the products to go in the box.

Over the years I have been a Glossybox subscriber, but after the disappointments of my last boxes, I went on to try something new. That’s when I discovered Latest In Beauty. This is my second box from them and I am just as pleased with this one as the first one.

However, there was a difference this time. Because Latest In Beauty has actually ditched the subscription box design, where the products came in a bag instead. This was perfect for me as I had been looking for a new beauty bag. I also feel that a beauty box take a lot of space, especially when I don’t have a very big bedroom. It is also much more sustainable and environment-friendly. God knows how many glossy boxes I had to throw away last year.

Personalise your own beauty bag

Latest In Beauty has completely redone their personalization service from last time, where I could get tailored products based on my skin tone, skin condition, hair color and the list goes on. This is very useful and good if you don’t know what you need and should put into your bag.

They also have the cruelty-free option if you like vegan products. I found the service easy to use and I received many good products to choose from.

I decided to go for the medium subscription plan which gives me 9 products each month. This is the perfect choice if you like all things beauty but don’t necessarily want to go over board. They also have a smaller subscription plan where you can choose 5 items, this is the best choice if you like to try new products but aren’t a huge beauty fan.

Latest In Beauty also have different collections available if you just want a beauty box without knowing whats inside, maybe to give a gift or to surprise yourself. You can find all of their collections here

What I received in the bag

Now comes the big question, which products did I choose?

Lola Nail Polish

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The first product I chose was the Lola nail polish in a very sheer blue color that I thought would look good for my September looks. I was very satisfied with the product in real life and I can’t wait to start wearing it!

EVOLVE Organic Beauty

Another beauty product I received in the bag was this ‘Citrus Blend Aromatic Wash’ for hands and body with juniper, lime, and lemon. It’s from the brand EVOLVE which is an organic beauty brand that specializes in natural products. I haven’t yet been able to try the product but it smells fantastic!

Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbet 

I also received this fantastic Lait Sorbet body lotion with 24 hours hydrate protection. Since I’ve been on the look out for a new body lotion to keep in my bag this one ticked all my boxes. Scented with pomegranate oil and aloe vera. I am very satisfied with this product!

Mandara Spa Hand Butter 

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I am extremely satisfied with this hand butter cream from Mandara Spara! I always keep this on my desk or take it with me when I am out and about. It keeps my hands moisturized and hydrated throughout the day!

bareMinerals BARESKIN Serum Foundation

I decided to add the BARESKIN Serum Foundation and received a cute little bottle to try the product. Though I have been using this foundation a few times before I went for a smaller size that I can keep in my bag when on night outs!

This little bottle will always come in handy!

The PORE fessional 

I have always wanted to try something of benefit cosmetics, so I went for this product that is meant to make you look more PORE fessional. I love the branding of the sample and it also came with a little guide inside!

The sample came in a tiny bottle – but I was very surprised at how little you had to apply on the face to cover the pores. It made my skin look more even and it also had a nice natural scent!

Grace Perfume Sample

I received this perfume sample from amazing grace. I haven’t tried the perfume yet but it looks very sweet!

OPI Nail Polish

You can add this product to your bag here

I thought I were going to receive a full-size bottle and got very surprised when I looked in the bag – there it was a tiny mini nail thing. I have tried the nail polish and it is a good shade for this season with a little glitter effect!

NEOM Daily De-Stress Capsule

The last sample I received was the de-stress capsule from NEON. According to their website, it had many good reviews so I was curious to if it had the same effect on me! I haven’t tried the capsule, but will update later if it worked or not! One thing is for sure it is very cute.

Lord & Berry Eyeliner

Lord & Berry eyeliner looked very interesting and since I was desperate for a new one I added it to my bag. I have used it once and it works well, and I love the branding!


I am very satisfied with this beauty bag and I think it was better than the ‘Latest In Beauty’ box I received the first time. I recommend trying out the subscription service if you are a big fan of beauty!

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Disclaimer: This review is based on own opinions and has been paid by own pocket. This is not a collaboration or sponsored post. The blog article contains affiliate links.

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  • I’ve not heard of this beauty box subscription before – but love that it’s personalised to your needs! The Lord & Berry eyeliner looks very swish for a subscription box!! x

  • Erin Ek Rush

    Looks like a fantastic variety of beauty goodies! How much is a monthly subscription?

    • Hello lovely! I pay £18.00 for 9 products each month I can choose, which is the medium subscription plan! You have a small and a big plan as well depending on what you want! Hope thats helpful x

  • This sounds fantastic and I love that it comes in a beauty bag not a box.

  • Fatima Ali

    Really like the colour of that Lola nail polish (the first one)! I’ve actually tried Porefessional before but too much of the product is needed to hide the pores but without any doubt it’s the best product for the purpose so far but NYX also has one which is pretty good for half the price.

  • KGR

    The Lola nail poliish looks like a lovely shade and would be great for winter! It’s really fun to create and personalise your own make up bag. You can never have too many!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I think that the products coming in a bag is a great idea as it means you have another useful item to add to the package. I love the shade of the nail varnish.

  • Ickle Pickle

    Having a bag instead of a box is such a great idea. I am off to look for my daughter. Kaz

  • These look like fantastic items! What a great idea for having a bag instead of a box too! I remember when I used to do subscription boxes I used to have boxes everywhere!

  • Sarah D

    these loOK great. I’m always intrigued by subscription boxes – they look like fun

  • I am not subscribed to any beauty boxes, so I am sceptical but this one looks ok. I like that Lola nail polish

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    I love the bag! Its so cute 🙂 I like the look of this subscription, I would use all of these products. The EVOLVE Organic Beauty wash sounds so nice!

  • What a great selection that you got. I really like the fact you can pick vegan and cruelty free items x

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  • Angela Milnes

    What a nice box and looks a good beauty products I love to have this too every month 🙂

  • I love LIB and they have some of the most amazing collaborations and they are such good prices too x

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    Beauty box looks totally cool, would love to check this out!!!!