How To Make April Your Best Month Yet

So we are now into the 4th month of 2017, and I keep seeing the same thing spread across all social media platforms… That 2017 is just turning out to be as bad as 2016 for most.

It’s time to start making this year YOURS.

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There are so many tips and tricks that I could write about to help you become more positive and change your mindset to get what you want, but that isn’t what this is about. AMAZING April is about showing just how amazing YOU are, everyday, for a whole month.
That’s right, everyday for the whole of April, whether it’s online for everyone to see or in a private journal, you are going to write something about yourself that is AMAZING! – If, like me when I first did this, you don’t think you could even write past day 1, ask your friends and families what they think is amazing, why they appreciate you, what you do for them that they love, because believe me, you are way more amazing than you think you are and there are people who think you are perfect, so that will definitely get the ball rolling for you.

It can be little things, like your sense of humor, to big things like how you maybe once saved someones life 20 years ago etc…

After a month of writing about how amazing you are as a person, guess what will happen…
You are going to become and feel happy, confident, positive, motivated, determined and most importantly AMAZING! And what happens when you are all of those things? You begin attracting more of those things to you and your life and that, is truly when the magic starts to happen.

You will be able to take on the world, your mindset will change, you will feel that confidence to go to the job interview, to do the speech, start the business, to leave the house again, to make new friends, to ask that special person on a date, to simply do whatever it is that you let fear hold you back from now, to appreciate everything you already have, and you will start living again.

♥ Define Beauty both inside and out:

When writing about yourself, only use POSITIVE words, STRONG words and POWERFUL words!

Write I AM and I CAN and I WILL!

BELIEVE in what you are writing about yourself, really, really believe that you are all of these amazing things, because guess what… you are!

If there is a day where you feel like the negative thoughts are too much and there is simply nothing positive you can write about yourself, take a couple minutes to lay down, put on your favorite song and really focus on it and close your eyes – this will pull you away from the negativity and even if it is just for a few minutes, bring you some peace and afterwards you will feel refreshed and be able to think clearly!

So here is to the start of taking control of your life, here is to the start of a whole new you and here is to the start of an AMAZING April!

Stay beautiful everyone x

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Amber Lorraine

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