The Ultimate YouTube guide: How To Start Earning Money Now

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If you have had your channel for some time and tried to crack the code on how you can get that monthly thousand-dollar check, but decided that it’s not realistic and in the end given up on that dream, this article is exactly what you need.

Though it might sound difficult and you have tried every option there is, doesn’t mean that you should stop posting videos and forget about a potential career as a YouTuber. In fact, nothing is as hard as it seems and there is always an open door somewhere. You just need to find that door.

Create a YouTube Account

You can start by signing up to their platform, It is very easy to create and start a YouTube account and once you have created your channel you get access to all the Google products, like Gmail and Google Drive.

Choose a unique username

It’s important to choose a username that is somewhat short, catchy and original when making an account. Remember that your username is meant to represent you and your content. You can also change the username on an existing account if you prefer that instead, you will be able to do this in your google account.

Choose the right key words

When creating your account, you need to find the right key words that relate to the content you are planning to post on your channel, this also makes it easier for people to find your videos. You can do this in the advanced section of your channel settings.

Add high-quality content

Now that you have created your account you need to add content. It is recommended to add high-quality content and that isn’t too long. The more you improve your channel, your content and your editing skills the bigger the chances are of getting recognition. When you are a beginner your content won’t always be the greatest, but the more you practice, the more you will learn and before you know it you will be able to do practically anything.

Three quick tips

  1. Improve your quality by investing in a better camera. The better video camera you have, the better quality you get in your videos and this can make a huge difference for your channel.
  2. Post regular videos and keep your audience updated. The more videos you post, the more views you get and more people will click on your content.
  3. Also, here it is important to use the right key words to describe your content. By adding the right keywords more people will be able to find your channel and this gives more views.

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Edit your content

Now, this part might look and sound quite tricky, but it is not very difficult once you learn how to master it. They do say that the better you become at editing your content, the more people will want to check out your next video. These tips below might be game changing for you.

  1. Find a good editing software

In order to build a successful channel, you have to find a good editing software that helps to highlight the best features in your video. One of the biggest mistakes new tubers often do is uploading unedited videos that never ends. If you don’t know how to edit your videos you can always ask someone else to do it for you or hire a service. But the best advice is to start somewhere and become better at editing yourself. You can also learn a lot from watching editorial videos online.

  1. Give your videos awesome titles

When editing your videos, it is also important to use a compelling and interesting title that describes your video. Try staying away from using click bait (this means using a title that doesn’t relate to your content) that will only make people want to run away from your channel.

  1. Use eye catching thumbnails

Before posting your video try to make an eye-catching thumbnail you can use to attract more viewers. This is a trick that many YouTubers use which has proven to make people want to click on their content.

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Grow Your Audience

Whether you have a few hundred followers or close to none, below are three ways to grow your follower base in only a few days.

  1. Subscribe to YouTubers in the same niche

Subscribing to other people’s channels has proved to be a quick way to grow your own follower base. By showing interest in other people’s content you get their attention and in return, they will be interested in checking out your channel. This is a quick and good way to both grow your channel and get more YouTube connections. If you become more involved in their community and continually engage in their conversations and comment sections, you will grow your subscribers.

  1. Leave comments

Another great way of growing your subscribers is leaving comments on other people’s videos. Maybe you have come across a special comment under a video that has many thumbs up, and wonder how they do it? Take a quote from the video you have just seen and post it in the comment section. The more likes you get, the more people will check out your channel.

  1. Share your content

Sharing your videos on places like twitter, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to get more people to check out your content. There are also groups on Facebook which you can join that are specific to the YouTube community.

Learn How other YouTubers do it

Try looking at other popular channels and learn how they make their content. Look at their quality, how they edit videos, described them and how they get the audience attention. Are there any specific details you notice, or something about the video that makes it more interesting?

Learn their secrets and use them to grow your own channel. This doesn’t mean that you should copy every detail and move, but find a way to make your own videos unique and different that make people interested and want to subscribe to your channel.

Monetize your videos

Now that you have learned the most basic steps in starting a YouTube channel, keeping it interesting and growing your audience, you can begin your process of earning actual money.

In order for your channel to generate money, you have to enable monetization. By enabling monetization, you are allowing YouTube to place ads over and during your videos.You can easily do this by login into your YouTube channel and then click the link “video manager” in the top bar. Click onto your channel and enable monetization.

Choose the videos you want to monetize

You can now decide which video you want to monetize by clicking the monetization tab and checking the “monetize with ads” box. Once you have uploaded your video open your Video Manager and click the dollar sign next to the video that you want to monetize.

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Sign up to Google Adsense

After monetizing your videos, you can now set up your free AdSense account. Begin creating your account by clicking the “sign up now” button. Because of googles policy, you need to be 18 years old or older to create an account.

For Adsense to verify you, you need either PayPal or a bank account and a mailing address. This is crucial for them to be able to send money to you. You get your earnings from clicks and views, which is why having a bigger audience is an important key.

Keep track on your analytics

You can easily keep track on your analytics by clicking the analytics option in your channel menu. This is a great way for you to see how well your videos are performing and how much money they generate. These are great tools to see your progression, video views, estimated earnings and other information about your channel.

Expand your marketing strategy

There are plenty of ways you can market your videos to generate more views and ad clicks. Where one of them is starting a website or a blog. Starting a blog is an exceptional way of expanding your marketing strategy and growing your audience along the way. You can easily share your videos by copying the HTML or embedding code under each video.

Find Collaborators

Finding collaborators is a creative way of making your content interesting, plus earning more money. If you have a good and engaging follower base this is a good chance of getting more people interested in your content. Depending on the niche you represent there are numerous of companies that would like to collaborate with you. If you are reviewing tech gadget products you can, for example, collaborate with a tech company and get commission based on how many sales you can make in one video. You use the links they provide for you that you put under the description under each video. If you have great success with your collaborations, more companies will see this and contact you for future collaborations. Ultimately you don’t need to only stay within the YouTube community to earn an income from your channel.

Join Other YouTubers

If you have made a great success out of YouTube and want to reach another audience you can join other YouTubers in their videos. This is a fun and quick way of making people wanting to check out your channel and follow your content. If you know someone or have a friend that you can do this with, it will help both of your channels and help on your income as well.

Become a YouTube partner to gain access to more

Take your YouTube channel to next level by becoming a YouTube partner. Once you have generated enough money from your videos you can become a partner with YouTube. Partnering up with YouTube gives you access to more content creation tools which will be hugely beneficial for you to start rolling in the big money. The partnership program is only available for those that have 15,000 cumulative watch hours on their channels over the last 90 days. You can apply to the program anytime on their YouTube Partner page.

It Takes Time and Dedication

Earning money on YouTube may look very difficult at first glance, but using the tips above will surely help you get there. But you also need to remember that for some it takes years to reach a professional and high level and for others, it may come after a few months. One thing is for sure and that is you won’t get anywhere if you don’t try. It takes time and dedication like in any other normal job and just because you are having a rough first day at work doesn’t make you want to quit your job.

Always stay positive and before you know progress will show. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to run a successful YouTube channel but you must know the basic of running one.

The more you progress, the better you become at what you are doing and success will come your way. You can ask many successful YouTubers today on how it was in the beginning, and most likely the answer will be that it was like learning a whole new subject in school in within a few hours. Many believe that YouTube it is the most advanced area of the internet and that you need to have a few thousand daily views to be able to earn an income, but it all comes down to the engagement. If people like what you post and believe in you as a YouTuber, they will click on the links you provide them and this will automatically generate income.


This post is based on own words and research. I did write this article for a company but since they didn’t pay me what I was owed, I decided to post it here instead.

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