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I have literally been living in my new striped pants for 3 days!! I know, I should really change…. but I just love them too much, plus it looks good in photos! Okay, this is the last post with the pants (I swear)….. for a little while.

IMG_0847I have officially moved in my pants… 

You know when you find products that cost more than your rent and you know you shouldn’t swipe that card, but you force yourself to buy them anyway? I had a moment like that a few weeks ago, and I am not ashamed of it! In fact, I am quite pleased and think it was worth every penny I spent.

I had heard about this amazing foundation (what everyone told) and it was meant to stay on the skin the whole day and give good coverage. The foundation had been on my mind for a few months and when I saw it in the store, there was no turning back! After a few tests on my skin, I knew that this would be my new best friend.


Estèe Lauder Double Wear


I can with hand on heart say this is the best foundation I have ever used! The foundation is supposed to stay alive for over 6 months, hence to why it cost so much. Instead of buying a foundation every second month, (depending how much you use each time), you should invest in a product that lasts longer in both the bottle and on the skin! I am definitely amazed and recommend everyone to give it a try!

You can get the foundation here

IMG_0896       Key points:

  1. – It doesn’t smudge or get messy
  2. – Gives good coverage (especially on areas with bits n bobs you don’t want to show in daylight)
  3. – Doesn’t have a very strong scent
  4. – You can apply a tiny drop and it covers half the face (if you smooth it right)
  5. – Lasts the whole day

Young Blood Mineral Powder


The other product I got introduced to a few months back is the amazing mineral powder from Young Blood Cosmetics. Their makeup and beauty collections are stunning products that only consists of pure minerals from nature. All of their products is also talc and paraben free and has been since 2008. I have used this powder ever since I first bought it and it has in fact improved my skin! I replaced it with my old powder and I have never turned back since! I love myself some botanical products!

Key points:

  1. – Natural scent, no perfume
  2. – Makes the skin look makeup free
  3. – Contains of only pure minerals
  4. – Feels light on the skin
  5. – Longlasting
  6. – Classy branding


The powder is always in my go-to makeup bag. The price, however, is a little stiff (I paid £40.00), but it is absolutely worth it! You can now get the powder for only £34.00 here 

bareMinerals Tinted Hydrating Cream


Another product I have been obsessing over is the complexion rescue tinted hydrating gel cream from bareMinerals. I have been using this hydrating cream for 3-4 months now and it has become a product I need to have with me everywhere I go! I have been wearing it all summer and it has really rescued my skin from dryness, redness, and pale skin. This product is good to use if you don’t want to cover your face with too much makeup, as especially in the summers you can get quite hot wearing foundation.

The hydrating cream contains of SPF30 which protects the skin from UV vibes from the sun! I always tend to use the cream as a base in my makeup routine, you can tone it down and up, depending on whether you are doing something special or just working. The product is just perfect and a good item to have in your bag when out and about!

You can get the cream here


Key points: 

  1. – Hydrates the skin
  2. – Sun protection factor
  3. – Can be used as foundation or base
  4. – Affordable price
  5. – Good size to have in your handbag
  6. – Good for sensitive skin
  7. – Based on minerals

I can definitely say that this product is a keeper, will buy more once I run out!

Caudalie Hule Divine Oil


Image 7I received this sample in a beauty box I built myself (link here) with Latest In Beauty and have been obsessed with it ever since! The divine oil is a multi-oil that you can apply to body, face, and hair. You can use the product for many things, I especially use the oil on my complexion to give it a natural glow. It makes my makeup look natural and healthy and it also smells fantastic! I can definitely say that this is my favourite oil!

The oil doesn’t feel too sticky on the skin, which is what many oils tend to do.

Here you can see a photo where I have applied the oil on top of my makeup!

You can get the original product here (50ml) for £17.50 and 100 ml for £27.00 here 


I hope you liked this post and that you found some new favourites!

Which Products Are You Obsessed With At The Moment?

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