Medspa Beauty Clinic – One of London’s Top Rated Beauty Clinics

Medspa Beauty Clinic

Many of the articles here on Brand And Beauty focus on beauty and cosmetics. Whether you are looking for the newest within makeup or beauty hacks to try, we always want to give you the best tips and tricks and inspire you to treat yourself once in a while.

Since its Friday and we all deserve a little extra to end a fully loaded week, I thought I could tip you guys about Medspa Beauty Clinic.

Medspa clinic

Medspa Beauty Clinic is one of the best beauty clinics in London and is located at Calder Pharmacy in Notting Hill. Whether you are looking to do a hair removal treatment, deep skin and facial treatment, massage or manicure this is the best clinic to start with.

We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while and why not give yourself a lovely massage and aromatherapy? .Give your body and soul the pampering it needs and freshen up for the new week.

I find it so relaxing when going to a beauty clinic or a beauty spa. One of my favorite things to do is massage, manicure, pedicure and if I want to feel extra pampered I like to go for a full on waxing under my eyebrows to give it the perfect shape. We all know how messy they can become after a month!

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What I love about the Medspa clinic is that their rooms are always clean and neat. I think it’s important that a beauty clinic makes you feel welcome and that it gives you a luxurious feeling.

I have been to a few beauty clinics over the years and some of them are doing surgical treatments which I personally am against. The reason is because I don’t think its healthy and it’s very easy to inspire other people and make it a trend. Going for surgery isn’t always ideal and can also cost a lot of money. That’s why Medspa Beauty Clinic is a great choice, as you can get nonsurgical treatments that will bring your skin to the natural and rejuvenating state it once was. I personally know this by experience and have been doing skin treatments in the past that was non-surgical and helped to improve my skin. Nevertheless, I think it’s a good idea to start with this kind of treatments before you consider going under the knife for the beauty fix.  SAY NO TO SURGERY – You can read more here

Medspa clinic

Book yourself and a friend for a day at their clinic and get 20% off all treatments. (50% off laser hair removal)

Medspa clinic

It is not without reason that Medspa is one of London’s most top rated beauty clinics. Their staff is always very welcoming and they give you good value for your money.

When choosing a clinic for my treatments I choose the place with the best staff. Your relationship with the beauty practitioners have a lot to say about your overall experience and it is what will make you want to come back in the future. Choose the clinic that has the best rating and find a beautician that makes you feel taken care of and that will have a talk with you about your desires and goals. The most important thing is that you feel satisfied with the person that is doing the treatment on you because this is your moment and you deserve the best treatment possible!

You can see what people are saying about Medspa here if you aren’t sure whether to book or not

Medspa clinic

If you don’t know if this is for you, you can always surprise someone you care about. Maybe something to give as a birthday gift? 

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I never recommend booking a beauty clinic from an unknown site, as there is a reason for why beauty treatments are done by professionals.

Doing a treatment at an unknown or low rated clinic can be very risky and give you everything from skin allergies to other skin problems. Always be cautious about where you do your treatments and remember to do research before hand! This is to make sure you will be in good hands and being well taken care of.

Medspa clinic

Why most people recommend Medspa Beauty Clinic: 

– Very friendly and professional staff

– Clean and tidy treatment rooms

– Professionals machines and quality beauty products

– Great spa facilities

– Good location

Where do you do your beauty treatments?

This article is sponsored but all opinions is based on own research and experience

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