My New Lippies – Makeup for Fall

Hi Beauties!!

How are you this thursday? Hope you have been having a good week so far! I am still on Holiday in Norway 🙂

I am now blogging from my phone, because I haven’t got a new computer yet. I found an app so I can update from my iphone. Hope this is okay for now. The quality of the Photos won’t be the best but it’s better than nothing.

I bought some really good lippies I want to show you guys.

Whirl shade from MAC cosmetics

Perfect for the fall season!

I also bought a red matte lipgloss from Loreal Paris?

I love this color so much!! Very cool for fall 🙂

I hope you like my Lippies, let me know if you know any good matte ones!

I also bought a new makeup bag from HM. Its big enough for all my travel makeup.

Wish you a lovely evening, and weekend! Remember to follow me on bloglovin, I always follow back!

Celia xx

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