New York Fashion Week – Steal Olivia Palermo’s Victorian Style Trick

New York Fashion Week Olivia Palermo

Now that New York Fashion Week has come to a roaring close. London Fashion Week is kicking heels up with pride.

Let’s go back to New York Fashion Week though, for some key intoxicating highlights, I’m sure you will not want to miss this backstage stylish pass.

The shows were full-throttle, punk rock, feminist showdown drawing inspiration from all walks of life.

What stood out the most was how creative designers have become over the decades.

Delpozo Runway Show

The audience watched the collection’s featuring models making political statements, showing off floral inspirations via the 70’s look and a romantic twist with a Victorian element.

Asymmetrical blouses hung off models shoulders in various styles coupled with shirt-dresses featuring puffed sleeves that were synched in at the waist, to create that corset effect.

In contrast to the show, a Victorian era was emphasized in the equally stylish audience as well. Sitting front row at New York’s Fashion Week Delpozo Runway Show was Olivia Palermo wearing a very sleek Victorian inspired white blouse.

She paired her look most importantly, with a high-waist skirt and an oversized black belt. This blouse is a small yet powerful statement, that stood out even when paired with minimal accessories.

Style Steal

If you would like to create your own personal steal from the runway backstage look, then investing in a fitted white blouse similar to Oliva’s is the right way to go.

A strong, sophisticated blouse paired alongside the darker skirt and boots, felt empowering for all women to emulate. It was refreshing to see a more refined demure instead of something over the top at the show.

Her style is a reflection of how a Victorian woman would dress in that era. Instead, the look is retro while still being wearable in a modern infused decade.

When it comes to making a Victorian style blouse versatile, you can start by sporting it during the daytime with a pair of skinny jeans.

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If you are heading to dinner or shopping, this little white blouse is perfect. Below are some similar styles to Oliva’s blouse so you too can be stylish this season.

New York Fashion Week

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