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How are you this Thursday? I got invited to Next’s beauty event and I am so excited to show you all the amazing products that are coming out soon! I am just watching my favorite program “My Dream Home” and dreaming about interior styles and big beautiful houses. I know that my future house is going to be white and have big nice windows with a big garden, it’s excited to see where I will end up in a few years maybe in New York or LA? Who knows!

Right now I am thrilled to live in UK because it’s only a train ticket away to the capital and I can attend all these amazing events! If you follow me on instagram then you might have seen where I was all yesterday, I went to London and did some shopping before Next’s beauty event that were starting in the evening.


I love strolling down Bond Street, looking at all the different people and the big amazing stores. I used to walk down Oxford street almost everyday when I worked in London, it is one of my favorite places. I went in to KIKO cosmetics store to check out their new spring collections. KIKO has become one of my favorite brands and it is without no reason it’s on my A-list. The cosmetics is amazing, and I found myself a new setting powder that I will have to buy next time, perfect for my contour.

kiko-cosmeticsThis is the setting powder I found, it was so amazing! I will have to buy it next time I am in Oxford.

When the time was striking four o clock I had to start my journey to covent garden. After a few minutes walking up Covent Garden I arrived at Ice Tank Studio, where the event was held. I got welcomed with a fancy cocktail and signed my blog address in a guest book. The event was so nice, and everything was really well planned. After 5 pm more bloggers arrived and then we got served some fresh nibbles. I got to meet so many interesting and cool people, and it was nice interacting with bloggers in the same niche as me.


Their collections were lined up in every corner, and you could test everything from fresh scented candles to hand creams. They also had 2 floors, and downstairs there were makeup artists that could do your makeup and beauticians for fresh new nails. I also got served free food whenever I went hungry. Everyone were really nice, and I am quite satisfied with my first beauty event.


One of the girls were getting there makeup done by Rosie (Makeup Artist)


In this corner they had so many lovely nail varnishes and I felled in love with all the shades. I got my nails done in these 3 fancy colors!

Next-NailvarnishesThe nail varnishes are not expensive at all (£4 each), you can get 3 for 2 , so three nail varnishes for the price of £8. How amazing is that?


These are some of the makeup that is available in Next beauty section.


I love the eye shadows they were showcasing, they also had lip glosses, matte lipsticks and makeup brushes. They had so many lovely products that I could not stop testing.


This Coral Sun Chubby stick was my favorite of all the products. The chubby stick is for the cheeks, and helps bring the glow in your face. I can’t wait to it’s out in the stores 🙂


The color is perfect for the upcoming spring season!


They also had lip glosses in these pretty colors, gives a little sparkle to your everyday looks.


They also had a collection of matte lipsticks. I would like all the colors in my makeup collection!


Their makeup brushes were really classy looking, and their bristles were really soft. There was so many goodiebags in the first floor, but because I got my makeup done downstairs I was too late to grab one. Thankfully I am getting sent some of the products to test on the blog 🙂

I really enjoyed last night, and I am looking forward to more events like these! Are you planning on having an event and need a blogger to take photos? Get in touch at

Where you at NEXT beauty event? What do you think of the spring collection?

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