Paris, The City Of Romance

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How are you this Saturday? Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far 🙂 As you may know me and my boyfriend have recently been in Paris, the city of romance. I can’t say enough how much I love the city, it is truly amazing! I have been there when I was a child, but don’t remember much from that time. I am happy I was able to experience the city again, it’s even more beautiful than I imagined.

The city truly can do miracles, and I don’t regret for a second that I agreed to go there with him in the end. After a few hours I remembered the feeling of being in love, not only with him but in a new city and place. How it is to be excited for something new and refreshing, and how it is to feel “Reborn”

I miss the city already, and I always feel that when we are away we fall into place. Sometimes it helps to escape from your daily lives and experience new things together. I am happy we went, because it is better than ever before. I also got very inspired by the art and fashion in Paris, I can’t wait to go back! It’s true what they say about Paris, the city of Romance.

Here you can see couples hanging lockers with their names on, so romantic! Everywhere there were couples cuddling and kissing each other, you could really feel the love in the air.

My favorite picture from the trip!


Here are we in front of the famous museum, unfortunately we didn’t have time enough to go inside. There was so many people there, and we would probably be in the Que for 2 hours…..

We visited most of the famous places, like the Louvre (The Museum), Eiffel Tower and Tuileries Garden. Such beautiful places, I recommend you to see if you ever decide to go there 🙂

I took this picture, isn’t it just amazing? Love the colors, a moment in autumn!

We also visited Notre Dame Cathedral, the cathedral was very big and artistic. I loved the design and the surroundings. We did see it in daylight, but I think it was more beautiful in the evening. Luckily the hotel was just 10 minutes walk from Notre Dame.

We found a very cozy 24 hours open cafe close by, they had so many cool drinks and interesting food choices.

Since it was my boyfriend’s birthday trip we decided to go for some of their famous drinks!

You should definitely try this drink, it is called Miami Vice 🙂

The next day we went to visit the Eiffel Tower, what would we have done without this map? hehe

The Eiffel Tower was beautiful, and I never imagined it to be so big.

I was speechless when we saw it up close, what a beautiful tower!

The third day we grabbed a box of macaroons and other snacks that Paris is known for and found a park near by, taken from the moment:

PicMonkey CollageI didn’t like the chocolate ones so much, but Matthew loved it!

I recommend you to try these fresh and delicious macaroons when you are in the main street, the Maison Pradier shop is in one of the main centers.


PicMonkey Collage So that was our little trip! I am looking forward to go back there 🙂 Have you been to Paris before?

Wish you a lovely evening xx

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