Everything written on this blog is written by me and is 100% truthful. I put a lot of hard work into my blog and wouldn’t want to ruin this by being dishonest, so this is very important for me that my readers know about.
I will only accept a product to review if I feel that is something I would use myself or recommend to my readers. If I really don’t like a product then it is unlikely that I will write a review about it. It is important for me that my blog is professional and that I write about things that are related to my niche.

When it comes to advertisement I use affiliate links and ads from Google Adsense and Affiliate window. I mark my post with (*) when it’s something I have got sponsored by a company/brand or if it’s a paid post or write sponsored in the top corner.

I will disclose in my post whenever a product is sponsored or paid with own money.

All my photos are taken by me, and if you want to borrow/use my photos you can either send me a request or link back to my blog. Using my photos and content without my consent is strictly prohibited.


If you like my blog and would like to collaborate, you can send me an email with more information to contact@brandobeauty.uk 


I charge for posts based on how many words I write in the article. The payment can be in Paypal or bank transfer. I am open for negotiation.


I can write review posts where a product can be the payment, either I choose a specific product or you can come with suggestions 🙂


If you have a blog and would like to advertise with your links in the bottom of my posts, send me an email to contact@brandobeauty.uk and we can come to an agreement.

I can also do giveaways, where you either send me the product and I send it to the winner or you contact the winner directly after I have ended the giveaway and send the product. This is beneficial for your company/brand to get more exposure, and new customers.


If you would like to sponsor giveaways or want me to promote a product through a competition I will only do this if I like the service/product and think it’s a good fit for my blog. I will only promote products that I want my readers to purchase.