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The winter has finally hit London and it is everywhere in the news atm. Though I am in Norway at this very moment and have seen snow since Christmas, it seems to be a big turning point for the UK weather. I mean, it hasn’t snowed there in years.

I thought I could start the weekend with a post about products you need this winter, to make it more bearable to survive the cold and snowy weather. It is not an excuse to talk about beauty and makeup I swear..

There will be at least 3 months with winter before we can pack away our winter clothes, and boy I can’t wait! Until then we will just have to hold on and make it more comfortable for the face and body.

In this runner up I will talk about my go-to products for the winter and maybe it will inspire you to try something new? Anyways, I love how white everything gets when it is winter so I took my products outside and had a very cold but fun photoshoot with them.

It is no secret that I like glamorous looking products and that has a certain “royal” look to it. A bit like when you walk into a luxurious hotel suite where luxurious chocolate and bath products are lined up for you to enjoy. Ahh, I miss hotel suites!

The winter can be very rough on the skin, especially if you have very sensitive skin. I like to always have a good hand cream in my bag so I don’t get dried out. Because of the weather changes, it can leave you with very dry and rough hands.

The most important things in cold weather are to take care of your skin, especially in the face. I always wear a thick moisturizer or day cream to keep my skin hydrated and moist.

You have probably seen this day cream on my blog and Instagram a few times, but I can’t stop talking about this little gem! This is with hand on heart the best day cream I have ever used and I can’t believe I have survived without it. I received it in a gift set under my Christmas tree and it has been my best friend ever since.

This cream keeps your skin moisturized, refreshed and ready for a new day. The cream doesn’t come cheap if you want to buy it single handed, but it is definitely worth the money.  You can get it here (adlink)

Another cream I love is the Refining Moisture Cream Complex from Elisabeth Arden. I also bought this cream to my mum for Christmas which she adores. This cream is perfect for cold weather, protects against wind and snow which can cause both irritation and dryness. If you are looking for a good anti-aging cream to keep your skin look refreshed and radiant this beauty is just what you need! You can get the cream here (adlink)

Another product I can’t be without this winter is the Lip Balm with a taste of mango from Oliver Bonas. My lips tend to become very dry in cold weather so this one saves the day! They have different flavors if you don’t like mango. You can get the lip balm here (£2,50)

I received these cute products from my best friend for Christmas and I love everything about them. The design is super gorgeous and not to mention the smell. It is not only important to take care of your face and hands, also your feets are in extra need for some pampering, especially in the winter.

This little bottle has saved my feet from drying. It is meant to be used on the nails, but I have been using it on the feet, massaging in the oil to make them extra moisturized and comfortable. Nothing is worse than having smelly feet. Creams can do so much, but I recommend a good oil to keep your feet extra soft and nice. I don’t know where you can buy this product but they have similar sets everywhere at boots or superdrug.

I tend to always use lighter shades in foundations because of my pale skin. This is because I like to keep my skin looking natural as possible and focus more on the eye makeup and lips. I change this from season to season, for example in the summer I like to go for a darker shade than my skin tone and finish with some bronzer. I have been using Bobbi Brown for years and it is without question the best for my skin when it is colder outside. The foundation doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin and makes my skin look radiant and beautiful. You can get the foundation here 

Enjoy the weather as long as it lasts, snow is amazing if you find ways to appreciate it!

Which products do you use in the winter?

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