The Pros and Cons of Review Websites

Choosing a review website will give you different perspectives, ideas and end results of a product. But do the reviewers always leave honest opinions? And are the ratings always based on real facts?

When searching for a specific product online you will very often come across review websites where people leave their opinions and rating.

It is always a possibility that you will come across some bad reviews, which makes you question whether the product is genuine or not. Of course, the rating depends on whether it is a supplement product or a high-tech device, as often things we absorb can give different results.

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PROS and CONS to be aware of when reading a review website



When shopping for a product online it can be very reassuring to read a costumer’s opinion, as it gives you information on how to use the product. For example, if you are buying a foundation, the question will often be what type of skin can it be used on. The viewers often leave photos explaining the results, especially on pages like Amazon.


Because of costumer’s rates and opinions on these websites, it automatically drives more sales for the company or shop that are selling the products. Often costumers get more drawn to higher ratings, which makes them want to buy the product. It also makes fewer people want to return their item because they know beforehand how it looks like, how it works and that they will actually be satisfied with their purchase.


The most positive outcome of a review website is that it makes the website or e-commerce store more attractive for visitors and potential investors and buyers. The first impression of a website or shop is the most important factor to become a successful investment for the future. The more positive feedbacks and the more sales the company or merchant gets from a reporting website, the better it is for their marketing budget.



The first impression is crucial to make a sale. When a customer that is unsure on whether to buy the product or not decides to read the reviews on either Amazon or Yelp, one of the downsides with a review website is that it can give you a very skewed first impression of a product. Especially if there is only one or two experiences or ratings, and if it’s not positive.


Most of the review websites you come over today are allowing anyone to express their opinion. This isn’t always positive and you can often come across people that are vindictive or causing damage by giving poor ratings and blurting out very direct and bitter experiences.


Though a costumer’s opinion might look positive at first, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is based on actual real experiences or events. Sometimes there will be companies ordering people to leave fake reviews and ratings to make their website look more prominent. You can very easily see if a comment is genuine or not, as often they poor ratings but glowing recommendations that don’t add up.

Depending on what you are looking for, buying products based on these websites can give you two outcomes: To keep the product or return it!

However, purchasing things online always has a risk and you very often find shared opinions. The biggest risks of buying products like supplements or dietary pills online are that you never know the effect it has on the body, even though the reports say otherwise.

Doing your homework before buying is the best way you can be sure that it is worth your effort, time and money. It is never recommended buying cheap skin, hair or weight loss supplements as you don’t know the actual ingredients or if it can cause you any harm or allergies.

Ultimately, always be cautious about what you read online and you won’t end up with a poor quality product.

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  • Erin Ek Rush

    Good post. I do a lot of online shopping and really like reading reviews. As you’ve said, you do have to remember that the motives behind the reviews aren’t always honest though!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Interesting post. I think that we are very trusting of online reviews although I suppose some many not be honest. I sometimes leave reviews but always say what I though of a product, if I don’t like it I won’t comment.

  • We always rely on review websites before making purchases, and items with more reviewers tend to be trusted more than those with just few. Those who have left negative reviews because of delivery and not the item itself can also drag down a rating.

  • I don’t tend to rely on review websites as much as I once did. I seem to search youtube for a visual demo of something these days more than a review but these are really handy info to have

  • I do try and look at reviews before making a purchase or booking holidays etc.. It’s quite annoying that the one bad review always stands out the most but I like having the security of reassurance to buy something! xo

  • For me, I would be more likely to read reviews on personal blogs rather than the companies website as I tend to think they are less biased.

  • It’s sad to think some people write poorly written reviews on purpose.

  • Super Busy Mum

    It just sucks that people would write bad reviews because they feel like it. However, I would go on reviews of those I know more so, personally.