Everything written on this blog is written by me and is 100% truthful. I put a lot of hard work into my blog and wouldn’t want to ruin this by being dishonest, so this is very important for me that my readers know about.
I will only accept a product to review if I feel that is something I would use myself or recommend to my readers. If I really don’t like a product then it is unlikely that I will write a review about it. It is important for me that my blog is professional and that I write about things that are related to my niche.

When it comes to advertisement I use affiliate links and ads from Google Adsense, Linkshare and Affiliate window. I mark my post with (*) when it’s something I have got sponsored by a company/brand or if it’s a paid post. I also write sponsored in the top corner.

All my photos are taken by me, and if you want to borrow/use my photos you can either send me a request or link back to my blog. Stealing my photos and content is highly prohibited and will be taken to legal actions.

PR/Company Relations

If you like my blog and would like to work with me, you can send me an email with more information to contact@brandobeauty.uk 

I can do paid posts, product reviewing and linking back to blogs.

  • This includes writing a review for a product
  • Sharing on social media
  • Linking back to the site/shop

I can also do giveaways, where you either send me the product and I send it to the winner or you contact the winner that I have chosen. This is also a good way for your company/brand to get more exposure.