Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoe Collection – What To Wish For Christmas?

Sarah Jessica Parker has done it again! If you are a big fan of Sex And The City you have probably heard about her newest shoe collection featuring 60 shoes to die for! The super successful worldwide fashion icon, designer, and actress made everyone fall in love with her starring as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City series.

All of her shoes are in the £500 range, so it is not affordable for everyone. But we can all afford window shopping right? Christmas is just around the corner so it is time to tell your husbands and boyfriends about this amazing shoe collection, who knows? Maybe you get a pair under the tree this year!

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Sarah Jessica Parker has put her style and soul into this collection and the shoes look amazing! With a classy twist, she is bringing her “Carrie Bradshaw” character into her designs and it is totally working!

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This shoe collection is perfect for those that love the newest and hottest shoes, I mean what’s not to like? 

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Her newest collection for this season is perfect for Christmas and New years. Silk, velvet, and sequin are one of the styles that have claimed a place on the trend list this year!

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This is the ultimate gift for someone that is a Sex And The City fan. Who doesn’t want Carrie Bradshaw’s closet?

As you may know, I love all of the series and have seen every movie there is and I am super excited for this collection and the upcoming one for fall 2016. SJP is a brilliant businesswoman and knows how to design fabulous shoes.

I had a look around to find out where you can get your hands on the collection. You can find her whole collection here

My favorites from the collection

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Click on the items above to shop directly

I hope you found this article interesting and that it gave you an idea of what to wish for Christmas! If you want to read more about her upcoming fall collection you can find her page here

What do you think of her newest collection?

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