Shein Reviews – How To Style The Embroidered Jacket 2018

Shein Collaboration 2018

Since arriving in the UK I’ve received many new pieces to my wardrobe that I thought to show you guys! One of the companies that have sent me clothes is

Shein Collaboration

I’ve received this amazing embroidered denim jacket and have used it so much in the summer! In this post, I will show you how I decided to style the jacket 🙂

Shein Collaboration 2018

I’ve worked with Shein for a few months now and I am always pleased with their clothes! If you are looking for a site where they sell affordable quality clothes you will love Shein! Fast shipping and you get value for money!

You can get my denim jacket here *

The embroidered style is very hot right now and I can’t tell you enough how much I love this jacket!

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You can style the denim jacket to most clothing, whether you want a casual or edgy look! What I love about the jacket is that its perfect for this season and looks good to everything from a denim skirt to tight pair of jeans!

What do you think of the jacket?


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