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Hi Beauties

How are you this monday? Hope you had a good weekend, I went out for drinks with a friend on saturday, and went bowling on Friday with my boyfriend. It was very fun, but as always he won every time. I guess I have to change my plans of becoming a professional bowler….

Anyhow, I have finally arranged to pack my suitcase and that is the thing on my list that I dislike the most. Nothing is more boring than packing for traveling. Don’t you think? But, good to be done. I have some bits and bops left to pack, which is just my makeup and skin care products. In the meantime I am doing a little blogging 🙂

I managed to break my computer screen (WELL DONE), so I am borrowing my boyfriends mac. I will buy a new computer when I come to Norway, so forgive my awful blogging and that you won’t hear from me until I get a computer again.

Something else that I want to talk about is that I have short hair… a long bob!! SAY WHAT? Yes, I have wanted this for so long but since my last attempt to cut a bob didn’t go so well (Got way too short) I decided to stay away from the thought. Well, I went for it last time I was at the saloon and I freakin love it!

Perks with having short hair:

  1. I don’t need to wash it 4 times a week
  2. I don’t wake up with frizzy hair
  3. I don’t need to brush it every day
  4. I don’t need to use hair cure
  5. I can only blow dry it and then my hair is done
  6. My hair feels soft and nice again
  7. My hair doesn’t go in my face when it’s windy outside
  8. I don’t need to use hair conditioner every wash
  9. I can use different’t style products to make it look rough and cool
  10. I don’t need to go the hair saloon so often

My boyfriend says I look smart with this haircut (thanks?) I feel sexy and carefree with my new hair and love how easy it is getting ready in the morning and for night outs, I feel great!

PicMonkey CollageThank you again Zoe, I am always pleased with your work 🙂

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Wish you all a wonderful Monday and week xx

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