Sleek Hair With Loreal Pro Styling Products

Loreal Pro was so nice and sent me a big package full of styling products for my hair and I am loving it! I can never say no to hair products, or products in general. I love discovering new stuff!

I have been using vegan hair products for months, so I thought I could give Loreal Pro a try. I don’t usually go for synthetic stuff because of the ingredients and there are especially many of the styling products who contains perfume and toxins. But these hair products weren’t that bad at all!

IMG_0740They actually make my hair smell really nice and it doesn’t feel too over-the-top. When that is said I haven’t got to try all of the products, especially for the curls but I have heard that it is meant to be very good. I will try it when I am back home in the UK and have bought a new curler!

IMG_1011One of the products I received was the LOCK IT styling hairspray, it gives me extra hold and natural shine to my hair. I have never been a fan of using hairsprays, because I find that they can become very greasy and makes your hair look like it’s been covered in wax, but this one surprised me. I sprayed 3-4 times and it made my hair look naturally styled and it smelled really nice! You can get the hairspray here for only £3.00

I have uploaded my sleek hairstyle on if you want to have a look, you can find my profile here

IMG_1041I am very pleased with these products, but I think that my favourite must be the BOOST IT Volume Mousse that gives me voluminous and soft hair!

IMG_0755It is very easy to use the Mousse, you just take a little in your hand and carefully apply it to your roots and other areas you want more volume.


Remember to not press the applicator too hard, this is because the foam does increase by size the moment you apply it to your hand.  You can get the Boost It Mousse Volume here for £3.00


I am very happy with the result and look forward to trying the other products for curly hair!

What do you think of the products? Have you tried the range before?

(All the products are sponsored by Loreal Pro, opinions are my own)

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