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Whatever you work with, whether you are in real estate or work a 5-9 job, or maybe you work from home? Whatever it is that you are doing, I think it is important to dress like a professional. It helps with your self-esteem and will make you feel inspired to keep going. I think that having a certain style can really help you forward in your career.

In this post I thought I could inspire you to dress more like a professional to find your inner boss. Your style represents you and I think it is important to look the part. Therefore I dedicate this post to all the working ladies out there and may you kick ass the next time you start your job.

Maybe you feel uninspired, simple or more like a plain jane? or maybe you just want to try something new? This style guide might be the thing you need.

The office style or the “professional” look doesn’t need to look “officy” or “strict”. You can still wear your favorite high heels and look “proper”.

Growing up in this society the outfits we wear says a lot about a person, professionally speaking of course.

It is natural to judge a person by their appearance, but there are ways you can dress to show your personality and still nail your job. The key to a good working outfit is the accessories, it can be a watch, a scarf or maybe a necklace. You don’t need to look boring wearing a suit or a dinner jacket. You can still look fabulous wearing a skirt and a blouse. In the fashion world, anything is possible!

Iphone cover here and lipstick here 

Since I got interested in fashion as a sixteen-year-old, I came up with this color rule to make it easier to match clothes the right way. In the outfit above I have chosen 3 colors – white, black and red. The secret to chose the perfect outfit is to find the key features in the clothes you have. For example in this outfit, I have chosen a white high waist skirt with red details to make my outfit less ordinary. The red details in the skirt will match perfectly with a red lipstick, red scarf or a red bag. The main colors in this outfit are black and white.

The secret for choosing the right outfit is to find the key features in the clothes you wear. For example in this outfit, I have chosen a white high waist skirt with red details to make my outfit less ordinary. The red details in the skirt will match perfectly with a red lipstick, red scarf or a red bag. The main colors in this outfit are black and white.

To stay in the same color pattern as the main outfit, I have chosen accessories and shoes in either white or black. This is a very easy but helpful trick that stylists have used for years.

Trenchcoat/link  Shirt/link  Sweater/link  Clutch/link  Boots/link  Sunnies/link 

You can also play with different shades within the three colors you choose in your main outfit. In this casual and edgy outfit this woman has chosen black to be the main color in her outfit. To make the outfit interesting she has chosen a blue shirt to wear under her sweater and a trench coat in a cameo color. For the accessories she went for a black clutch that matches the black features in the outfit. This is a very simple but fun outfit that is neat and classy and is sending a professional signal. Remember this rule next time you need help with finding the perfect outfit for your dream job or job interview. It has certainly saved me from fashion crisis.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Pics  Business babe! The model looks chic and professional while leaving her NYC hotel.:

If you are a black on black girl and don’t really like to experiment with colors, you can play with darker shades instead. I always like to buy darker clothes so you are not the only one! Choosing black is safe and is a color that goes with everything. Whether it is for a date or for work, you can dress like a boss lady in darker wearings.

Sydne Style - Los Angeles fashion blogger and People StyleWatch contributor Sydne Summer shows how to wear black jeans with a bow blouse at the office.:

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and try mixing with another color than black, white is a safe but practical choice. Bring out your personality by choosing a fun color to feature on your bag or shoes.

Ever find yourself faced with a nothing to wear moment? Confused by trends and fed up with what’s in your wardrobe? Look to classic French style and you can't go wrong. Parisian women are famously faithful to quintessentially chic looks, opting for a formula of fail-safe pieces ensuring they can be out the door looking effortlessly cool in five minutes flat.    Keen to know the secret? Here are the seven key pieces in every French fashionista’s wardrobe…:

A trick in the book is also matching black with denim. It gives your outfit a classy but casual look. You can wear a pair of jeans with a sophisticated dinner jacket and some killer heels. This look both casual and classy.

Office Style // Chic workwear outfit idea:

Go for a soft but sophisticated look by wearing a cream colored blazer a nude top and black pants. Match the outfit with a bag that has the same colors as the main outfit.

I hope this post inspired you to change the way you dress, that you found your inner boss lady or maybe you found something new to add to your closet? Please share below if you want more posts like this! 

You can get more inspiration from my Pinterest board “Office Girl” here

What do you think of this style guide?

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