The Big Lipstick Guide – How To Find The Right Lipstick

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Hi Beauties! 

I want to do a Lipstick guide as I have been all over lipsticks lately. It’s not always easy to find good a lipstick that gives you the look you want, and find the shade that fits your skin tone. Not everyone can wear pink lipstick for example, and this guide will help you find the color for you.

Some suits dark colors better than others and I also think it depends on what makeup look you go for. Some shades can make you look pale, others can make you look tanner and give you that extra glow.

12011317_10153626590469161_3479288040581055375_n    Wearing “whirl” shade from M.A.C 


There are many different shades you can choose from when you are buying red lipsticks. Do not always go for the shock red one, because believe it or not but some lipsticks can make you look cheap. If you are blonde the red lipstick can look good on you, but it’s always wise to choose a shade within your skin color. For example those with fair or tan skin suits different colors.

Choosing the right lipstick is all about finding a shade that gives your look the little extra. Whether you wan’t a lipstick for more formal occasions or for work it’s always good to go for the one that makes your lips pop out and suits your usual makeup look.

DON’T DO THIS! When you go for heavy eye makeup never use a strong and spicy lipstick color on your lips. It makes it look too over the top! Always tone down the makeup when you go for a strong red color.


Also within the lighter shades not everyone can suit the nude lipstick. If you have a very pale skin choosing a nude one can make your makeup look gray and more pale. Choosing a tone higher than your skin is always a good trick to make your lips look more toned. If you have tan skin you should go for one of the darkest nude colors to match with your skin. Again, it all depends on what kind of look you go for.


There is  no secret that the pink lipstick is very popular! But can everyone pull the look off? Choosing the right pink shade for your skin tone is very important, otherwise it can make you look like a barbie, unless that’s the look you want to go for. If you wan’t to go for a pink lipstick it’s always a good idea to begin with the lightest shades and work your way up. This way you can easily see which color that suits you best!


You can choose between so many colors in the lipstick world, and some colors can look flawless on you. But how do you know if you can suit it or not? If you wan’t to go for a green, purple or blue color it all depends on your eye makeup. Choosing the right eye makeup that blends well with the color you have chosen is very important, this way you don’t end up looking like a clown.

What type of lipstick should you go for? 

If you wan’t a long lasting lipstick I recommend to go for a matte one. It all depends what kind of lipstick you like. You can also choose a waterproof lipstick that doesn’t leave any mark after drinking, and stays on your lips the whole day. Isn’t that fantastic?

If you want a lipstick that gives you soft and moisturized lips I recommend to go for the more creamy ones. My best tips is to always try your lipstick one before you buy it, NEVER use a tested lipstick in the store if you haven’t wiped it off first, how many do you think have tried the exact same one as you? 

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What brands do I recommend? 

Revlon, M.A.C, MUA makeup, stila stay, Max factor, Lancome, Maybe line and many more!

Hope you like my lipstick guide, let me know what you think and if it helped you finding the right one! I also want to thank my readers for reaching over 400 followers on bloglovin, fantastic! I am running a big giveaway this Sunday so remember to pop in so you can enter!

Wish you a wonderful day and weekend xx

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