Vita Liberata Deep Face – How To Get Natural Results With Fake Tan

The sun is out and It is time to talk about tanning! Let me introduce to you my favorite tanning product for the summer months.  I have been using this brand for years and I am always satisfied with the results. In this post I am going to talk about how to get natural results with fake tan, and why you should give this product a go!

Because I have so little pigmentation in the face I tend to get quite red in the sun, so sunbathing isn’t an option for me. I find that face tanning products are my only way to look tan for the summer. 

Vita Liberata Deep Face Utinted Self Tan Lotion

I applied the tanning lotion in the morning on my face and neck and it gradually built a nice tan through out the day. I like that it doesn’t make me look orange and that the face feels moisturized. I have the product in Light/Clair because I have a fair skin. They have different options for darker skin than me.

Results after 5 hours

“Deep Face” is a nourishing, untinted moisturizer that cares for the delicate skin of the face and neck and develops a natural SUNKISSED tan within 4-8 hours. It can be used daily in place of your regular moisturizer and is the perfect accompaniment to any Vita Liberata, untinted body tan, blending seamlessly with Warm, Deep and Deeper Deep. You can buy “Deep Face” here 

Other products I recommend 

This product is the perfect option if you want something that feels light on the skin instead of foundation. I have decided to only use tanning lotion for the summer and drop the foundation, that way my skin will get a break from heavy makeup.


All the ingredients in Vita Liberata products are organic, so it doesn’t go to rough on the skin. I have also very sensitive skin and I don’t feel any discomfort using the products.


How To Get Natural Results With Fake Tan

It is important to wash and clean your face from any old makeup or  before applying the lotion. If you want more natural glow in the face I recommend to use a little bit of sun screen lotion or hydrating spray on top. This way your skin will look more hydrated and radiant.

I hope you like my little tips for the week and that you get the summer tan you want 🙂

Have You Tried This Product Before? What Tanning Products Do You Recommend?

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