What did I get in my November glossybox?

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What did I get in my November glossybox?
Instruction in the box

What did I get in my November glossybox?
What you get in the november box

What did I get in my November glossybox?
5 beauty treats in the box

What you get in the box is Eyeshadow palette from MUA Makeup, Eylure Eyelashes, Lipstick from Revlon, mosturizer body cream and diamond heart illuminating primer.

What did I get in my November glossybox?
Design Of The November Box

What did I get in my November glossybox?

Nice treats for makeup lovers

What did I get in my November glossybox?

Lovely color Revlon Lipstick

What did I get in my November glossybox?
Perfect Primer

Diamond Heart Base Primer

Hi Beauties! 

How are you this Thursday? I just came out of the shower and are now enjoying a cup of organic leaf tea from pukkaherbs. I love it so much, and it’s 100% organic. Perfect medicine for my body, mind and soul!

I received my November box from glossybox yesterday and I am so pleased with what I got this month! Everything I need + more. You can see pictures in the slideshow a bow!


  1. Eyeshadow from MUA Makeup, I have another palette from them which is really nice. The colors I got in this palette are perfect for the winter!
  2. Diamond Heart Base Primer from Emite Makeup, this one I haven’t tried yet but it seems to be very good and illuminating.
  3. Royal Apothic Cream Crème moisturizing body creme, I love this one! I am wearing it now and it makes my hands so soft and smells fantastic!
  4. Revlon Lipstick in color 720 (Fire & Ice) is perfect for this season. I love the color, and can’t wait to wear it for a special occasion.
  5. Eylure Strip Lashes with natural volume, these lashes are one of my favorites and I have used them before. I was thrilled when I saw that they packed lashes in this month’s box. I might be wearing them for my new job 🙂

So that is what I received in my November box. How good was the box from a scale of 1-10, I will say 10!!

If you want to receive a box like this each month, you can sign up here. You get 5 beauty treats in each box from known to new brands. They also have a limited edition box I might get my hands on! I have the £10 per month plan, but you can go for the plan that is suitable for you!

Let me know what you think of this months box? Remember to always leave a comment on my posts each month, as I will choose a blogger of the month that will be featured on my blog with link to their blog! I am choosing my lucky november blogger tomorrow, maybe it will be you?

Wish you a lovely day sweeties xx

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  • Kitty Wood

    Do you know of any cruelty free beauty boxes? I love the concept of them, but I only buy cruelty free and haven’t found a box for that yet! That palette is gorgeous autumn colours.

  • Jacqui Brough

    I do love glossybox and I love the items that came in this month but I can find that some times they are a tad disappointing as in receiving items you don’t like or need. But I shall definitely have to take a look!


  • I really want to subscribe to a beauty box but then I’m always like “what if only get things I don’t care about or products I won’t use?”. This box seems cool though, I see many bloggers feature it 🙂

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    • Yeah I understand how you feel, but if you choose the plan I have you can always cancel if you are not pleased with it. The past boxes I have been very happy 🙂 x

  • I used to sub to Glossybox then they got a bit rubbish so I stopped buying it – this looks like a decent one though! Really intrigued by the lashes – I’m recently getting back into liking falsies again!

    Milly // http://www.mini-adventures.com

  • Chelsea Coulter

    Love the sound of this! I’m always worried about signing up to subscription boxes in case I get a ton of stuff I won’t like or even use but it sounds like Glossy Box give out quality stuff, may have to try them soon!

    Chelsea | http://www.lifeinthenorth.com

  • Ooh this looks like quite a good box!! I used to be subscribed to My Little Box but I recently cancelled that so will look into this!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

    • Oh I haven’t heard of My Little Box before, was it any good? I am sure you will like Glossybox x

  • Leanne Dolan

    They’ve provided a nice selection of products for November, I like the eyelashes! I’d imagine a lot of people have palettes similar to the MUA one already though!

    Leanne x
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  • Helsie

    A friend of mine gets this and she raves about it! I’ve always been tempted, but have wondered what if I don’t like something. But it must be really fun to receive each month.