Gift Card £30.00 Gbp

Gift Card £30.00 Gbp
Categories: Brands, Lily & Loaf
Brand: Lily & Loaf LLC
30 GBP
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With a range of health and lifestyle brands to choose from at Lily & Loaf, why not let that special someone choose a perfect gift from our wide range of products online? Options range from £5 - £100 and gift cards are delivered electronically directly to your email inbox! Using multiple E-gift Cards / Payment Options in one transaction online You can make payment using a maximum of two different payment methods per transaction. This means you can use 2 separate gift cards/e-gift cards or a combination of 1 e/-Gift Card and 1 Credit, or Debit card. Please note, to complete your order you must be able to cover the full amount with your two chosen payment methods. What to do if you’ve lost your E-gift card If you misplaced your e-gift card print out, you can click on the link in the original email to access it again. E-Gift Card validity Unused Gift Cards will expire 24 months after the date of purchase. Once a Gift Card has been used it will expire 24 months after the last use or balance enquiry. Any unused balance will be lost.