Immune Plus (60 Capsules)

Immune Plus (60 Capsules)
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Brand: Healthy Rascals
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What is Immune Plus? Healthy Rascals Immune Plus contains a spectrum of carefully chosen nutrients, including vitamin C, iron, zinc and selenium, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune. Formulated for children aged 3 years+ for daily nutritional support. What are the benefits of Immune Plus? These tiny little capsules provide a powerful formulation developed especially for children, to help support the immune system in several ways. Vitamin C is well known as an immune booster but it also contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth, normal energy-yielding metabolism and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. With zinc for cognitive function and maintenance of normal vision and Iron for the formation of red blood cells and oxygen transportation in the body, this daily immune formula is an ideal daily nutrition supplement. Immune Plus also contains Beta 1-3, 1-6 Glucan; a natural form of soluble dietary fibre which provides a role in activating the immune system. Beta-glucan potentiation of the immune response is systemic, activating the immune system throughout the whole body.