Meltaway Cleansing Balm 50ml (Organic)

Meltaway Cleansing Balm 50ml (Organic)
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Brand: Lily and Loaf
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How to use Meltaway Cleansing Balm Apply 1-2 pumps of cleansing balm to dry skin, and then rinse off with our Bamboo Face Cloth. Then complete your routine with either Daily Delicate Facial Lotion, Bedtime Revitalising Cream or if you’re a fan of luxurious night oil try our Repair & Renew Bio Active Oil. How will Meltaway Cleansing Balm help me? Our lightweight, non-greasy formula expertly eliminates daily dirt, grime and even the most stubborn eye make-up. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and omega fatty acids, you can expect calm, balanced and rejuvenated skin after use. Anything else I should know? Our skincare products are all alcohol free. Some of our products contain cetearyl alcohol but this is a fatty alcohol which is absolutely non-irritating and can be exceptionally beneficial for skin. Fatty alcohols are not to be confused with ethyl alcohol. Organic Skincare - Why it can’t be 100% Organic We describe the range as 82% - 89% certified organic. No skincare is 100% organic, as organic refers to a system of farming, and the crops/ingredients produced, it can only cover agriculture produce – which means other pure, natural ingredients such as water can’t be called organic.