Top 5 Makeup Trends That Never Goes Out Of Fashion


Sarah Moon Look Closer Eyshadow Palette

Create amazing smokey eyes with the Sarah Moon Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette from NARS. The palette everyone should have in their bag.


The Nudes Maybelline Eyeshadow

Create amazing smokey eyes with The Nudes eyeshadow palette from Maybelline. Super pigmented and lasts all day. One of my favorite palettes of all time!


NARS - Larger than life long-wear eyeliner

Bring out your eyes with this larger than life long-wear eyeliner from NARS.


NARS Cosmetics Bronze Powder

Give your makeup more glow with this bronze compressed powder from house of fraser.


Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair In Cold Weather


NOUNOU Nourishing Repair Mask

Give your hair the treatment it deserves, leaving your hair nourished and ready for a new day!


Organic Coconut Oil

Keep your hair moisturized and hydrated through the winter with this amazing product. Forget about expensive products!


Phillip B Dry Shampoo

Survive the winter with this dry shampoo, making it easier to avoid washing your hair every day but still keeping it looking clean and healthy!


Overnight Hair Repair

Magically repair your hair overnight, leaving in this amazing product. Preventing your hair looking dry and dull in the winter!


10 Fabulous Beauty Products I Bought in 2016


Since the last post I wrote “14 amazing makeup products I bought in 2016” was so popular I thought I could talk about my favorite beauty products. I am a big beauty lover and always like to check out the latest at Boots and Superdrug. It is no secret that I like to spend money on a beauty bargain now and then! I mean, who doesn’t?

January sale is back on, which is the perfect opportunity to grab a few products for less. I will leave the link for each product so you can check them out as well!

14 Amazing Makeup Products I Bought In 2016


Another year is soon over and that means it’s time to do a recap of my best buys from 2016. Each day up to new years I will post about my favorite products and write short reviews. I think this will be of interest and instead of writing about all the products in one post, I will divide them into categories. Makeup, Beauty And Hair & Styling.  This post will be about my makeup favs from this year!

D O U B L E   W E A R   F O U N D A T I O N

Unwrapping My Eestee Lauder Christmas Gift


There are only 3 days to Christmas eve, so I decided to unwrap one of my presents and make a post about it. I feel like a little kid every Christmas, constantly glancing at the presents under the tree and guessing what might hide inside of the wrapping.

One of the presents I received this year was a wonderful beauty kit with Estee Lauder products inside. I was so happy when I unwrapped the present and I haven’t been so excited before. The kit was wrapped in lovely paper with the logo on it.


I didn’t want to unwrap the gift because the paper was so nice, but it can’t be wrapped in forever! How amazing does this look? One of the things I learned when I was working for Chanel was their secret to how they wrap in beauty boxes, and trust me it’s not as easy as it looks!

Christmas gift guide for makeup lovers


Christmas is just a few weeks away and I thought I could share my Christmas guides with you this week. Starting with presents that are perfect for makeup lovers or for those that want to get more into makeup. If you didn’t get to buy most of your presents during Black Friday you have a new chance now.

This article is dedicated for those who love makeup and like to try new products. To make it easier for my readers to find the perfect presents, I will write this guide into 2 categories – face and eyes.

When you are buying presents a good advice is to think about what skin tone, skin type and skin condition she or he has. Buying facial makeup products can be a challenge, so I advise you to take these things into caution. Not all products are suitable for everyone.

The Weekly Coco Planner 2017 Review + Giveaway


Planners for 2017 haven’t been easy to find, especially affordable, decent ones and after looking for weeks I eventually gave up. But, yesterday after another attempt of trying to find something on the internet, 15 websites I finally found the perfect planner. There is no doubt that Etsy is the place to look out for planners, diaries and other types of stationary, especially if you like more authentic and traditional looking things.

I like a planner that look sophisticated but modern and has a little bit of edge. Pink, perky and floral planners aren’t really for me.

Lazydogz Luxurious Slippers - The Ultimate Christmas Gift


Lazydogz is a company that sells comfy and luxurious slippers for him and her. At this time of the year, slippers are the ultimate Christmas gift that anyone will be happy to receive under the Christmas tree. I have teamed up with them to review one of their luxurious slippers to find out if the rumor is true! Are they really that comfortable and can you be fashionable wearing them?


My package arrived this morning and I was super excited to open the box. The pair came in a beautifully packed silk paper with their logo on. The sequin slippers were shining from under the paper and when I took up the slippers from the box they were so pretty!

Win a pair of Lazy Dogz slippers of your choice


Black Friday kicked off yesterday, which is one of the main events around Christmas where you can get good deals on many shops. You get loads of products and other stuff for less money which is always great, I mean who doesn’t love sale?

If you did not have time to do any shopping yesterday I have another chance for you now. I have teamed up with to give away a pair of slippers from their selection and also a 20% discount code to my readers, so make sure to grab a pair before midnight.

Lazy Dogz is a slipper specialist where they focus on selling warm and cozy slippers for him and her. They have been in the business since 2001 and have dedicated themselves to the production of luxurious footwear that looks and feels amazing. Their collection is based on a wealth of knowledge and they are committed doing things properly.

Black Friday 2016 Deals Worth Checking Out


Black Friday is only 2 days away! It is that time of November again and people are getting their cards and minds ready for the big sales day. I thought I could put together a with the best Black Friday deals to make it easier for you. I recommend saving the links for the different shops and have it ready for Friday. That way you will make sure you get first in line for the best deals!

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